Monday, 5 December 2016

Season Finales and Festive Fun ๐ŸŽ†

Last week at work was an incredibly bizarre one, filled with the sorts of unexpected twists and turns you'd find in the season finale of your favourite drama series. There was my resignation letter, followed by a tense atmosphere and retaliatory incidents at the hands of my sociopath manager that my fellow colleagues didn't deserve. There was me crying while I talked to an HR rep about the fact I couldn't bring myself to stay in such a toxic environment any longer. There was a game-changing conversation between myself and someone I never would have expected to have developed a connection with. This person... oh goodness, this person confided in me about something they hadn't told anyone else in the 9 years they'd been there. To be trusted like that was somehow heartbreaking for me, and I felt terrible knowing they'd be alone in that hellhole of a workplace once I'd gone. I was walking away, leaving with their troubled face watching me rather forlornly... and I swung back round and opened my arms and they opened theirs and we stood holding each other in an embrace to end them all. The episode ended with me running off into the dusk for the car park, where I collapsed into my yellow car and began simultaneously bawling and laughing hysterically. before driving home to Infinity On High. That night, I braided pink back into my hair and eventually fell into a restless sleep. I have no idea what happens next where that aspect of my life is concerned, so I expect I will have to tune in for the next season.

๐ŸŽ†   ๐ŸŽ†   ๐ŸŽ†

Knowing I could use some cheering up, Sammi met up with me on Saturday and we had a really lovely friend date together. We decided to head to the Thai restaurant we'd enjoyed for my birthday celebrations in September, and settled ourselves down for a couple of hours of good food and great conversation. 

So, guess who didn't even realise it was International Lolita Day!? Sammi informed me and I couldn't believe I had managed to completely forget about it. I guess fate had other ideas, though, because I had felt very positive I wanted to wear lolita that day. It felt like "coming home", after having been away for a little while. Shame this picture turned out so blurry because I rather liked that casual coordinate!

I went for a tofu dish, which consisted of some really yummy noodles and stir fried veggies. I ended up swapping and sharing food with Sammi, who had inadvertently managed to order what was basically just a plate of pork, haha. We shared a bowl of coconut rice we'd found so delicious the previous time, and laughed at the fact we'd both made attempts at home to replicate it ourselves at home!

Sammi got me this Pusheen mug for Christmas! I couldn't help squeeing when I opened it up. It's so adorable, and is the perfect shape for cupping in your hands. I'm so excited to use it!

After sharing a warming pot of English tea, we headed off into town to have a look around the shops. We couldn't help spending some time in Paperchase, where I ummed and ahhed over buying myself a pink Christmas tree for my bedroom. In the end, I decided to leave it behind and have a think about it. We eventually ended up in TK Maxx. Sammi triumphed there and bought a gorgeous, festive duvet set. We noticed the huge mirrors in the shop and couldn't help stopping for a photo!

I really loved Sammi's outfit! It gave me something of a 90s vibe, and I love a denim mini skirt! A+

By this point, we were feeling a bit chilly and wanted to sit in a cafรฉ. On our search for one that wasn't filled to the brim, we found ourselves face to face with bright lights and fairground rides. Reading had done it again and put on yet another big themed event! We immediately postponed our cafรฉ plans and went to investigate!

Gosh, I love Christmastime. I love seeing those German food stalls that always seem to pop up, with their bright lights and festive colours and hunger-inducing smells.

We wandered around, hoping that there might be a Waltzer ride, which is a favourite of both of ours. There wasn't one, unfortunately, but we still enjoyed having a look around. We discovered bumper cars with penguin covers on them, and a proper little ice rink! 

There was so much light at this event that even though the sky was pitch black we still managed to have really good selfie lighting! I enjoy our matching cat eye glasses, and my pink hair here!

Finally, after having definitely seen all there was to see, we made our way to Caffรฉ Nero, and decided to order something off the festive menu. We both went for the salted caramel option. Sammi bought the latte and I got the hot chocolate.

The whipped cream was heavenly, and I felt so cosy and content!

We remained chatting for a few hours, about everything and nothing and back to everything again, before finally parting ways at the train station. 

It's pretty safe to say I had one of the best days I'd had in a long time, and it served as the perfect end to what had been a really tumultuous week, plus served as a way of moving on from what had been a really bad month prior. I think all this life re-evaluation has been really good for me, and I feel so much more positive and energised! 

So, some potential topics for our comment discussion! Have you ever had any really bad workplace experiences that caused unnecessary amounts of drama? Did you celebrate International Lolita Day? What sorts of things do you get up to during the festive season? I'd love to hear all about it!

Thank you so much for reading, and see you guys next time for even more yuletide cheer! 


  1. Maybe they would find the strength to resign, after seeing you did? My ild was boring, preparing photos for wardrobe post. Rather boring.

    1. I really do hope this will be the case. They are clearly very unhappy there, but I know they're also afraid of having to go through a big change or trying something new. I can only wish them the best!

      Ah, but at least you did something lolita-related, even if it wasn't exciting ^_^

  2. Oooh, ooh, if you're after something good and festive, Wetherspoons pubs have Black Forest Hot Chocolate on their festive menu (1.75 OR 1.40 if you go for the takeout option). It's DIVINE! I've been telling everyone about it and I think I need a top up of it. *.*

    It's great how you managed to still do something Lolita-related for ILD without planning - it definitely sounds like the good time that you needed. Our comm had Christmas on a (canal) boat and it was tonnes of fun. Now I'm just counting down the days until Christmas break because I'm itching to get more festive, but it's challenging to do when you're coming back from work really tired and at work have to focus on the very un-festive things. Although we're slowly making up for that, so it's not all that bad, I'd just much rather be at home than at work :P

    1. Whoa, now that does sound enticing! Thanks for the recommendation! I do love all these festive-themed menu options at this time of year ^_^

      It is so uncharacteristic of me to forget ILD! I am really glad things worked out as they did, though, and absolutely-- I feel so much better after having had such a lovely time.

      That sounds like an amazing location for a meet! I am just checking out your meetup report as we speak!

      I sure know that feeling. Hopefully the time will go quickly for you so you can get into the Christmas spirit fully <3

  3. Well done for leaving, it takes a lot of courage to do that and it definitely sounds like the right decision. I'm sure whatever you do next will be a lot better! I have left workplaces that weren't as bad as that, but just left me feeling worn out, depressed and depleted due to a lack of creativity. I work for myself now, the only downside is it's a bit isolating. It looks like you had a lovely ILD, and just what you needed! Fairgrounds are always so much fun, even if you just look at everything. I went out with the midlands comm for ILD and we just chatted in a quiet cafe, but simple pleasures are often the best. I really like your coord here, you suit pink so well. I really enjoy reading your blog - I never know what to write about unless it's something like a tutorial. I hope you have a lovely Christmas and maybe we'll see each other in the new year!

    1. Thank you so much! I had an absolutely terrible experience there, and by the end of it I was struggling to eat, sleep, and not constantly feel weighed down by anxiety and depression. I didn't even mean to leave abruptly, and simply acted in the heat of the moment... but I don't regret it.

      Ah, I would love to work for myself! That's the end goal, really, and while I search for a new job I'm also going to be working hard on my business. It's really picked up since Hyper Japan despite me more or less leaving it alone for months so I'm hoping I can get a bit further with it now ^_^ Developing a social life or network in general is so difficult, but you should feel proud of yourself for having gotten to the position of being your own boss!

      I'm glad you had a nice chilled out day with the Midlands comm. Having a good old chat over food is one of the best things there is, honestly.

      Thanks for the compliment! Pink is basically my "power" colour!

      That really means a lot to me! I can't shut up for very long as I've been a diarist/journal-keeper since childhood, and I guess it morphed into blogging somewhere down the line. There's always going to be something happening in your life, so maybe you could try talking about recent experiences, days out, or your thoughts on a subject to get the ball rolling and make the words come more easily to you.

      I hope you have a lovely Christmas, too! Take care of yourself. It would be lovely to have a catch up sometime soon, preferably not at a super loud convention where I can barely hear myself think, never mind what anyone is saying! <3

    2. It really does sound terrible! I'm glad you left, and hope your co worker finds the courage to do so too. It's great that your indie brand is picking up :D I know you can achieve your dreams with it, sometimes it takes something like an awful job to push us in the right direction. Once I stopped telling myself my art was bad and actually approached clients, I managed to find work - my work is good "enough", even if I'm not where I want to be with it yet.

      Have a lovely Christmas too and do let me know (on messenger) when you're free ^_^

    3. I was only there a few months and yet I have endless stories to tell about how awful a place it was!

      Aw, thanks for the motivational words! Somehow I can never quite give up on it. I hope the hard work will pay off one day! It's very reassuring to hear that having some more confidence in your work led you to success. I think we're often our own worst critics and will always feel there's something we could be doing better. It's both good in terms of pushing us to improve but it can also lead us into vicious cycles of perfectionism XD But that's just us being typical Virgos, really!

      Will do ^_^

  4. I can really read the happiness in your blogpost! Such days are really valuable but always not enough of them D:

    I also had experience with bad jobs, the work itself was not the biggest problem though I had some very boring jobs, but it's always the people that make it really bad :( It's important to get out of such enviroments for your own health and happiness!

    1. Ah that's such a cute comment! I'm glad the happiness shows! And definitely-- I wish there could be wonderful days a lot more regularly. We just have to do our best to make sure we're filling our free time with positive things ^_^

      I completely agree. I've heard an expression that most of the time, when you leave a job, you're not leaving the work itself but the management. My work was incredibly boring, but I also know that my experience would have been a lot different had my bosses been better people :/ Absolutely-- this job was making me really unwell and I feel so much relief in knowing I never have to go back!

  5. We have to have another date soon! I miss you so much D:
    I'm relieved that i managed to cheer you up and give you a well deserved distraction from such a horrendous month! I have to say it was one of the best days i have had in a long time too and it has warmed my heart knowing you felt the same <3
    You looked so beautiful that day! I love how you brought that lovely pink throughout your outfit and even in your hair! You looked ready for a tea party :D

    <3 Thank you for being so amazing <3

    1. It's such a shame that we're not local to one another as it would be so nice to be able to just pop round to one another's place whenever we feel the urge! Another date would be wonderful!

      You did the absolute best job of lifting my spirits and I was amazed at how many great conversations and fun things we managed to fit into a single day! You always know you spent the day with the right person when you find yourself feeling rejuvenated afterwards, and I definitely did.

      Thank you so much! After being stuck in an ugly work uniform in a dire workplace for so long it was great to feel like myself and wear pink again! ^_^

      Aww stop it, you! Thanks for being a wonderful friend! Knowing I have your support means more to me than you realise. I am so looking to our future outings <3