Monday, 27 January 2014

Dreaming Macaron Coordinate + link to egl wardrobe post!

Hey everyone! This past week has been pretty busy for me as term has started back up again for university.

I did manage, however, to complete my wardrobe post for the January theme on egl! You can check that out by clicking the picture!

It took me ages to complete! My bedroom is really not ideal when it comes to being a source of natural daylight which made it incredibly frustrating, and even after all that effort the photos look pretty mediocre. I most likely won't do another one on there again. I don't think anyone cares about sweet lolita wardrobes any more. It's interesting to see the shift of what's most popular in lolita fashion. When I joined the fashion, ott sweet lolita was very much in vogue. It seems that classic lolita is going to dominate from now on!

Anyway, I thought I would post my coordinate from a lolita meetup I went to in December. There are practically no pictures from that Sunday, as it was dark and rainy for most of the day. We didn't even manage to get a group shot of us.

On the bright side, I finally managed to make a decent coordinate with my Angelic Pretty Dreaming Macaron jumperskirt! Somehow, coordinating it with pink never really worked for me, though that combination looks great on other people I've seen. I've tried in the past to bring out the red in the print, but my colour balance was way off. This time, I think I did a much better job!

I love that red bolero from Bodyline! The shoes are also Bodyline (though I may have to replace them with a new pair of red shoes because those nearly destroyed my feet after a long day wearing them), the blouse from Anna House, and the hair bow by me!

What do you think? For me, the mint makes a nice contrast to the red, and the white items form a nice neutral base to the outfit.

Let me know what you think of my current lolita wardrobe (either here or on the post) and this coordinate in the comments! Thanks for looking! 

Monday, 20 January 2014

Bodyline Review: Bolero L072 and Shoes 251

Hey everyone! On Thursday 16th January I received a Bodyline order I made on December 19th! I chose AIR shipping to be fair, but it doesn't normally take quite so long! Oh well. Everything arrived safe and sound.

I've only ordered one pair of Bodyline shoes before, back in 2010 and they were chucked into a shipping bag and sent to me. This time, however, I received them in a shoe box!

I was so excited! I love shoe boxes! Plus, it means my shoes arrived in pristine condition. They were stuffed with balled up tissue paper and each had a plastic stick inside to prevent loss of shape/denting. The shoes were separated inside the box with a piece of cardboard. I was really impressed.

There's not a whole lot to say about the bolero. It fits fine (though was a touch darker than I was expecting but that's ok because it matches the shoes perfectly) and is soft and great quality. I already own this bolero in red, and am pretty tempted to get the pink one next. I don't think you can have enough boleros, especially in the winter!

Anyway, onto the shoes.
My feet measure about 24cm, and I ordered size 24.5. They fit most beautifully. I have sensitive feet and these have just the right amount of room in them for socks and toe wiggling!

I like that the heel isn't completely thin as with ballet flats. These have just the right amount to be comfortable for walking. The scallop details are adorable.

They have really good traction, another thing ballet flats often seem to lack. I wore these shoes today and felt comfy and secure. The straps are easily adjustable and the poppers remain closed when walking.

I love the bows and shape of the shoe. They are nice and rounded so your toes don't get pinched or rubbed. I adjusted the straps after taking this picture and they are now perfect. I would recommend you not to buy shoes which are exactly the same size as your feet, but to round up to the next half centimetre. Overall, I am really impressed with these shoes, and I am pleased with my Bodyline order overall!

I wasn't very impressed by the £13.31 customs fee on such a small order but that's another story altogether!

Thanks for looking, and see you next time!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

A Chic Outfit and a New Hairstyle!

Ok, so occasionally, I can't be bothered to wear lolita. Instead I'll dress in something inspired by J-fashion, keeping it cute and comfortable, but definitely not boring! This post is going to be a quick, reflective style-related one about things I'm currently trying out.

On Thursday I took a trip into town to do a spot of shopping-- not for anything exciting, just bits and pieces I'd run out of.

I decided to go for my hi-low skirt from Miss Selfridge, which is comfortable yet has a romantic, chic feeling to it.
I'm not really sure what style you'd call this, but I like it anyway.

I like how my hair turned out, too. I tried this style last month at a very rainy lolita meetup so it was a mess as soon as I step outside my house. This time, the weather was much more forgiving. I recently dyed my hair jet black which makes it look a lot sleeker and shinier than it did when it was a dingy dark brown.

I usually struggle to find things to do with my unruly shoulder-length hair, so it often gets shoved into a bun so I can forget about it. I want to stop doing this though, because it doesn't really suit me much and makes me look a lot older than I am.

I think the box fringe in conjunction with strands at the sides (I guess they're kind of like a hime cut but a bit softer) looks really nice. I like that the majority of my hair is up, but there's still something there to create some interest and frame my face nicely. I think I'll stick to this as much as possible! I've also started experimenting with hair extensions (as seen in my Christmas post and first vlog), and I think they're definitely something I should make more use of from now on. I just seem to have the sort of face that needs a lot of hair around it! Not exactly a new revelation, but one I'm not going to be so lazy as to ignore from now on.

Well, I think that's about everything for today. What are your favourite casual hairstyles, and cute fashions for when there's no point getting super dressed up? I'm making a lot of effort at the moment to try and improve my general look, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for looking, and see you next time lovelies 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Metamorphose Sweet Cherry Jumperskirt Review

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed your festive holidays if you had them, and that you're already well on your way to achieving your new year's resolutions!

I feel like I'm slipping up on my positive thinking for the new year already, and I've had a few minor set backs. Still, all I can do is keep ploughing forward and getting things done.

Yesterday was good because I got up really early for once, and met up with a dear friend for breakfast at our village caff! After that, I went home and whiled away a few hours watching old WWE episodes with my brother, before the doorbell finally rang. Yes! My Meta package!

I ordered the Sweet Cherry jumperskirt in cream (it's yellow, basically). It was actually something of a dream dress of mine for a little while now, but I finally plucked up the courage to buy it two days before Christmas, as a late present to myself.

It is made of a really soft, lightweight cotton which will be perfect for the summer months, but will still be fine should I want to brave cooler weather in it. Layers are everything! The print has a lot of colours, even navy blue, so I have a feeling this will be easily "coord-able". I often find that Meta's prints have a retro vibe to them, and this one is no exception. It's quite long, too, but luckily the straps are adjustable so I'll probably fiddle around with them so the bodice of the dress sits in just the right place.

The print has not only cherries, but blueberries and raspberries! Plus there are daisies, gorgeous lace bows, and even a lace print with Meta's swans becoming part of the pattern. I love the fact it has a striped background, as it adds a bit more interest than a block colour would.

I am so glad I bought it, and seeing as it was in the 50% off sale, it turned out to be quite the bargain, even with the extortionate customs fees factored in. Definitely a great way to start off a new year of lolita!

Here's the review vlog I did of it, where I go into a bit more detail about the ordering process and why I love the dress so much!

Thanks for looking and watching! I would love to know your thoughts on this dress in the comments!