Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas + A Festive Coordinate!

Merry Christmas, my lovely blog readers! I hope you have all had a wonderful day!

Today I decided to wear a new dress of mine-- Infanta's Snow White jumperskirt. The rich red is so festive and the print is simply gorgeous!

Christmas is usually a pretty low-key affair in my household but I actually managed to have some fun this year! I watched Carry On Matron with my mum, and then after a family Christmas dinner we played charades before splaying out in front of Toy Story 3!

I got a couple of presents, including a cute little glue gun which will be so perfect for crafting, and a new camera! Finally I can stop taking all my pictures on my phone for meetups and events!

What did you get up to this Christmas? 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Berkshire Christmas Lolita Meet/ International Lolita Day

On Saturday there was a meetup held in Reading to celebrate International Lolita Day, winter edition!

We checked out a craft fair and it turned out to be pretty naff, and anything even vaguely cute was seriously overpriced, unfortunately. We had our pictures taken by people, before carrying on with the meet.

We did a big secret Santa and exchanged gifts with one another. I was delighted by the enthusiasm everyone showed, even though many of us had never met each other before! I was pretty nervous as everyone congregated at the train station, but I needn't have worried. I ended up getting a big bag of gifts, such as a candle, bath bomb, cute hair accessory, and chocolates! My excitement in the above photo is genuine!

I was also delighted to see that my gift recipient really enjoyed her present! I handmade her a felt badge with her name embroidered on it, a hair bow, and a pair of felt earrings.

Everyone looked amazing that day! This is everyone looking really civilised-- not long after this we took silly photos and Luna and I got very carried away as we're used to being ridiculous at Oxford meets!

After taking group photos in Forbury Gardens, we headed to a restaurant called Tampopo, which serves various Asian style cuisine. I decided to go for a Singapore noodle dish. It was super yummy! I was also given freshly squeezed orange juice-- so fresh that I think it was the best glass of orange juice I've ever had!

Things began to wind down as people had to get back home. I stayed in town with a few lolis for just a little while longer, to buy gifts for the Oxfordshire lolita meet secret Santa coming up on Sunday, and just to have a look around Primark. I ended up getting myself a couple new pairs of tights, in white and a soft beige-y pink, and also some cute black glitter ankle socks with a lace trim.

As you can see, my coordinate for the day was pretty boring, actually. I had no idea what to wear and was feeling particularly uninspired so I threw on my new black skirt from Rabbit Heart, and coordinated it with various other black and pink items. Perhaps I should have gone for pink shoes instead. Oh well!

I had a really amazing day and it was so great to meet some new people, and catch up with old ones. Plus it made a nice change being somewhere close to home, and not having to faff around thinking about catching trains.

I hope the meetup on Sunday will be just as lovely and festive!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Coat Review: Btssb's Teddy Ribbon

My search for a new lolita coat proved to be a lot more dramatic than I was anticipating. I stalked the comm_sales for weeks and looked on every lolita website I could think of, and I still couldn't find anything that I both liked, and thought would actually keep me warm.

I finally got a break mid October, when a gorgeous pink coat came up on the comm_sales-- the Teddy Ribbon Coat by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright! Yes!!!

I really wanted something that was sweet but not over the top, and didn't have white faux fur all over it like a lot of sweet lolita coats I've seen. To me, this coat looked adorable and yet fairly simple and understated.

When it arrived it was just as gorgeous as I hoped it would be!

It actually has two pockets, behind the ribbons on the sides! It is heavy and has kept me warm in 3 degrees Celsius weather! I'm sure it could handle freezing temperatures though without too much layering.

The coat is really soft and lovely to the touch, and is heavy. It's really well constructed.

I love the asymmetrical collar! It buttons in place with a little plastic popper. The lace is thick and sturdy.

The ribbons themselves are so gorgeous! They have a checkered texture and are thick and high quality. The ones by the pockets are not detachable but the one of the back is (and I have detached it because it didn't really serve any purpose and I was worried it would get lost hahaha!)

Another thing I'm really fond of is the secret plastic poppers! Despite the fact the coat's buttons stop halfway, you can still seal the coat from flapping open with these hidden buttons. Pretty nifty stuff.

And here's a photo of me decidedly not making use of the nifty buttons! Unfortunately my legs aren't in the picture but the length of the coat is amazing. I'm 5'6" but it hits nearly below my knees and covers the entirety of my dress/skirt. Brilliant!

What has your experience been like with finding the perfect lolita winter coat?