Friday, 28 July 2017

♥ New Video! A Very Pink Haul ♥

Hey everyone!

I had a few days off from work this week, which has been pretty refreshing. It's mainly rained these three days, but it's been a peaceful sort of gloom. I love to crack open the window and have the sound of gentle rainfall as background noise.

Most of my free time has been spent sewing and working on my business, but I surprised myself and on the spur of the moment, recorded a haul video!

I've been trying to push myself out of my comfort zone more, and I realise a big part of why I didn't make videos regularly is because I would spend so much time picking apart my appearance, mannerisms, voice, and personality afterwards. I'm trying to move beyond that now, and have a lot more love for myself.

I enjoyed making this video and it was fun editing it (even if faffing around with YouTube's soon-to-be defunct basic editor because you don't have an actual video editing programme on your computer isn't the best thing in the world!) I hope this can serve as being one piece of that journey towards being kinder to myself ^_^


I hope you enjoy it! 

Sunday, 23 July 2017

My Thoughts on "So Pretty/Very Rotten" by Jane Mai and An Nyugen 📖

Hey everyone! Long time no see!

I've been pretty quiet lately as work has more or less taken over my life! I work full time, but I also work on my business in my free time, and I have an event coming up I've been frantically preparing for on the off chance I get time and energy to spare, so things are pretty chaotic for me at the moment! It has been nice, though, when I do find those snatches of time before bed to do something calming, such as reading. 

As someone who got into lolita fashion during a time when livejournal was the central hub for the community, and an English literature grad, I became very interested in purchasing "So Pretty/Very Rotten", as it had been a long time since I had heard of a lolita related project heavily focused on experiences, essays, and interviews like this. The following is my personal response towards the book. I hope you enjoy it!

I really like the colours and artwork used for the front cover! It's romantic, and suits a book about lolita fashion perfectly!

The lace design used on the back is really cool!

When I received it, I was at first surprised by how chunky the book was. I expected it to be maybe 150 pages maximum, but ended up with over 300.

However, this is by no means a text-heavy volume, with most of the pages dedicated to several lolita-centred comics.

From what I've seen on other blogs etc, the general reception to this book has been very positive, and I do understand why. I have a huge appreciation for people who carry out careful research, and put the time and effort into creating content to be enjoyed by the community at large. The book consists of brief, but interesting, interviews with Novala Takemoto, who is apparently in the process of putting together an extensive book detailing the history of lolita fashion from its beginnings to present day.  There are comics introducing us to a variety of characters, many of whom seem to be "broken" or incomplete in some way. There are also essays looking into what makes up the aeesthetics of the fashion, its influences, as well as musings on the subculture at large. Others who reviewed the book seemed to see it as an interesting introduction to lolita fashion and the thoughts of the community's members. 

Did I have a lot of fun reading this book? Well, not really. I didn't find it to be particularly informative (but hey, I got into lolita rather a long time ago after all), and it certainly did not uplift me with its often brooding themes. But I will say that this book surprised me. My initial reaction was that I hadn't enjoyed it. I closed the book one night before bed feeling a little empty, and like the ending had been very abrupt and inconclusive. On reflection, though, I realised the book had probably done what it set out to do-- it made me think.

I enjoyed the variety in the artwork-- some of it was soft, simple, and adorable like this! Also, I appreciated the well-dressed wlw couple!
So many of the sentiments in this book hit really close to home: that sense of being made unhappy by something that once brought you immense joy, the struggle to remain passionate and healthy-minded in the face of a increasing sense of competition amongst your peers, and the pressures of consuming more and more in what started off as an alternative, rule-breaking subculture which encouraged modification and creativity in clothes.

A huge reason for me losing a lot of interest in lolita fashion is because of the way in which the fashion changed (the current trends bear little resemblance to the fashion I initially fell in love with, and certainly don't feel like a street fashion anymore) but also the way in which the community became overwhelmingly large, and as a result felt less like a subculture as time went on. Everything became too accessible and no longer "special", over-saturated, and oftentimes meaningless as common interests held by its members became fewer and farther between. I could be surrounded by people at meets and yet feel inescapably lonely and discontent. These comics explore some of these sentiments, from a grotesque exaggeration of someone who would do anything to fuel their creative pursuits, to a short story involving an emotionally distant girl who eventually leaves the fashion altogether, to another to shrouds herself in the beauty of these clothes to escape the sad reality of her living situation. There are moments in which this book takes disturbing turns and poses the question: do we see ourselves within these characters? I think for many of us, the answer would be yes.

This was not a feel-good read for me, but it left a huge impression on me, and a desire to do my own explorations of similar topics. Why is it, I wonder, that even the most beautiful things can be so ugly, so rotten at their core? Perhaps it's just a law of nature, that "yin and yang" that means that everything is interconnected, both the good and the bad. All of those clichéd expressions are true-- there is a fine line between love and hate, and while exploring that can be scary, it's absolutely necessary.

I really enjoyed this illustrated lookbook accompanied by a really lovely, anecdotal commentary!
I think the parts I enjoyed the most were the passionate accounts of how different people got into lolita fashion in the first place-- what their first introduction was, what getting their first pieces felt like, and why it was meaningful for them. But of course, those inevitable counter stories about drifting away from the fashion had their place, too, and I couldn't help but be overcome by a wistfulness for simpler times. I was a mere teenager in the noughties when I first got into this fashion, and while so much has changed with it, so much has changed within myself, and reading this book felt like a way of confronting and coming to terms with that fact, as I have been for a while now.

As this book managed to get me mulling over it for days afterwards, it's only natural that I would recommend you get yourself a copy. I expect you might have a different reception to it, but this is what it did for me, and I never have any regrets about reading anything that makes me think, or allows me to continue on with a newfound perspective. I didn't always find it enjoyable, and there were parts that I felt could have done with a re-write because they were clunky to read. But certainly, it instilled within me the motivation to write this review, but also reminded me how important it is to keep writing in general. It's important to document any alternative fashion, subculture, or interest. I'm very much an "archivist" and I would like to think that here and there, I have contributed in some way to archiving thoughts, feelings, insights and information that will give people an understanding of what lolita was for someone in the 2010s.

My rating for "So Pretty/Very Rotten" is 4 out of 5 stars. Jane Mai and An Nygen deserve a pat on the back because this book is a wonderful achievement.

Did you read this book? What did you think of it? I would love to hear your responses to the topics it covers in the comments! Thank you so much if you read all the way to the end, and I'll see you next time 

Saturday, 10 June 2017

🍒 International Lolita Day: Summer 2017 Edition! 🍒

This year's summer ILD fell on a gorgeous sunny day. I knew I didn't want to go to any official meetups, so instead I organised to hang out with some friends instead. I traveled up to Oxford to hang out with Sammi, Maddie and Nicola for a fun picnic in one of my favourite places: the Botanic Garden!

I've not been there in far too long, and I was particularly excited to return at a time when everything would be in full bloom. The place looked simply magical; we were surrounded by all manner of flora and fauna, and the weather was absolutely perfect for a picnic. I can't help but feel very inspired here, and ended up taking a lot of photos.

On our way there, we decided to stop off in the covered market in the city centre for some bubble tea from a place called Coba. I've never been a fan of the proper tapioca pearls, but I do love the bursting fruit ball version. I went for a pineapple fruit juice with mango pearls, and it proved to be very refreshing on this warm day, as well as a really yummy combination of flavours.

We eventually got to the entrance of the Botanic Garden, paid our entry fee and after a little walking to find the perfect spot, settled ourselves down under the shade of a tree, and began spreading out picnic blankets and unpacking our food. This was the best picnic I've ever experienced, and I know it's because it wasn't entirely composed of shop-bought foods from the supermarket's ready-to-eat section! Everyone contributed something: Sammi made her signature couscous and potato salad, Maddie made a range of sandwiches with different fillings, Nicola baked her amazing chocolate cake, and I prepared a pasta dish with mixed tomatoes and mozzarella. Overall, we had a pretty healthy spread, and everything I ate tasted delicious!

We chatted under the tree for a while, and Maddie and Nicola, the artists of our group, spent a little time sketching. The atmosphere was incredibly relaxed, and I couldn't help feeling totally content. Every now and again, ducks from a nearby pond would waddle over out of curiosity, before being chased away by a toddler from another picnicking group nearby! Other times, I would find myself watching the clouds scudding their way across the sky while we nattered about this and that. I live for days such as these!

A few hours flew by, and we decided we wanted to explore the gardens before it got too late in the day. We walked around, aided by our visitor's map, and enjoyed creating a lot of nature photography. My allergies were terrible (my eyes are so puffy and red in all the pictures, made more glaringly obvious by the fact I was rushing so much that morning I didn't have time to put mascara on!) but I couldn't resist getting close to the flowers, smelling roses used in perfumery, and watching bees buzzing around busily as they gathered up some pollen. I sneezed a lot, but it was worth it!
So many different colours!

It's incredible that such vibrant shades can be found in nature.

I find the greenhouse pond utterly captivating. Lily pads are so pretty!

I am really bad at group selfies but I did my best! 

I knew we couldn't leave without getting some decent outfit photos of everyone, especially when the light was so good! We wandered into one of the many greenhouses and found an open space filled with pink flowers, benches to rest on, and the perfect decor for some fashion photography!

Maddie has such a lovely smile! She opted for a casual, fresh pastel AP coord, complete with a cutsew that looked so comfy and cute!

Nicola didn't feel like wearing lolita, but I love what she wore instead! A super ethereal 60s inspired hippie look that I knew I needed to get a portait photo of! 

Sammi went for a relaxed AP coord, perfect for lounging around at a picnic and doing lots of walking! I love seeing her food prints!

Aaand, my outfit of the day! I went for a retro-inspired look with my Metamorphose Sweet Cherry jumperskirt, and kept things super simple for the warm weather. Also, my pink hair has made a comeback!

Seemingly out of nowhere, the day drew to a close! Nicola let me take home some of her lovely chocolate cake, and I boarded my train, smiling occasionally into the setting sun... which then turned into big, dark storm clouds. I made it home just before it began to hammer it down with rain! I slept so well that night, completely tired out from the day's adventures.

As you can probably tell, my International Lolita Day was a roaring success! It was one of the nicest days I'd had in a while, and was without question my favourite ILD so far! I regularly count my blessings because my life is filled with some truly wonderful people, and to be able to have these glorious outings with them is the icing on the cake.

Do you celebrate International Lolita Day? What did you get up to? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments! Thank you so much for reading and looking, and I'll see you next time ❤

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A Chilled Out Day of Shopping and Food 🍲🍧

On Saturday 13th May, I met up with Sammi and her sister, Nicola, who'd I'd not seen in ages.

I was so in the mood for a weekend adventure, having had a pretty tough week at work. I started a new office job last month, and a mere few weeks in, the person mentoring me set off for a two week holiday to California, leaving me to blunder through despite not really knowing what I was doing. Somehow, I made it through this trying time, and things seem to be falling into place as time goes on!

On this day, we took the opportunity to do some shopping for this and that. Sammi and Nicola decided to do some fabric hunting, I collected my contact lenses from the optician's, and we also looked for the more mundane items like toiletries. After having sufficiently worked up an appetite, we headed to Bolan Thai, my favourite local restaurant.

I've never had a meal there that wasn't amazing, and the staff are incredibly friendly and accommodating. They are happy to leave you to chat for hours, and actually come back to offer you water if you're still there after ages! I wish more restaurants had such a relaxed atmosphere, but I do feel lucky to have this one so conveniently located for me.

The ingredients are always delightfully fresh and perfectly cooked. I particularly enjoy their sweet and sour dishes such as this one!

We stayed for a few hours, catching up on one another's lives. We talked work, relationships, friendships and much more. It was a lot of fun getting to chat to Nicola outside of a lolita meet, which was previously more or less the only environment I'd get to see her, and would always be a situation where we wouldn't get the chance to talk at length! She's an artist, so it was incredibly interesting hearing about her convention vending experiences, and thinking of potential conventions we could split table costs at!

After we had our fill of yummy Thai food, we decided to have a wander around the shops, and mainly found ourselves browsing homewares! We spent a particularly long time in TK Maxx, which is such a treasure trove of ornaments and decorative boxes and novelty furnishings that it's hard not to get carried away in there!

The lighting in there is surprisingly good so we couldn't help heading to a big mirror to get a group photo! As you can see, I got myself a really impressive toiletries haul that day!

Sammi and I ended up accidentally doing some Mickey Mouse twinning, so naturally, we needed to capture some evidence of it. 

Well, it's a good thing I was wearing bloomers, as unbeknownst to me, my bag hitched up the back of my skirt! This picture makes me smile because while having it taken, Sammi and I kept smiling for the camera... even though we weren't even looking at it.

After doing a bit more wandering around in candle shops and the like, we decided we were in the mood for dessert, and headed to the local ice cream parlour, situated most conveniently at the train station. I enjoyed my peach amaretto ice cream cone so much I forgot to take a picture of it! It was a lovely end to such a positive, relaxing day, and I'm very much looking forward to more days like this. 

An outfit shot. I think we've already established I have a huge love for monochrome! While I enjoy the dramatic contrast you get when you coordinate it with red, pink is my favourite colour, after all!
Hair accessory: gift 
Bunny bolero: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Necklace: Claire's
Dress: Lazy Oaf
Bag: Lazy Oaf
Shoes Bodyline

It's definitely easier to get through the working week when you have fun plans to look forward to at the weekend, and I've been doing my level best to keep my social calendar filled up! I was so grateful for this relaxed day out, and as we get further through May, I'm looking ahead to International Lolita Day coming up soon, for which I've got some plans for!

What are your favourite restaurants to go to? Do you enjoy looking at homewares? I'd love to hear all about your shopping preferences! As ever, thank you so much for looking and reading, and I'll see you next time! 

Friday, 19 May 2017

Lolita as Formal Attire 💜

I've seen a lot of discussions over the years in the lolita community about whether or not lolita is acceptable to wear for [insert event]. I'm inclined to say that it can be dressed up or down for pretty much anything, and all you really need to worry about is how practical it will be for you, and the attitude of the people who will be attending the event. As with anything in life, it's important to be respectful of other people's feelings. For example, it would seem a little inappropriate to turn up to the wedding of someone you don't know very well in a shiro coordinate. It may also be taken rather offensively if you turn up to a sombre occasion, such as a funeral, wearing an OTT sweet coordinate without asking anyone's permission. Balance is key, and you have to be sensible enough to realise when it's better to put the frills away that day.

Thus far, I've never run into any problems wearing lolita for various non-lolita occasions and events. I've worn lolita to a school prom, to two weddings, and a baptism, as far as formal events go, and I received nothing but compliments on my attire. One thing I do like about the fashion is that once you've amassed a cohesive wardrobe, you never really need to worry about buying dresses for upcoming formal events, provided your personal lolita style isn't too outrageous! But like I said, if the attitude of the other people going to the event is more relaxed where self expression through clothing is concerned, you probably won't need to worry too much.

My most recent formal event was a baptism, and for the occasion I wore Trick Hat, Pricked Heart. It's what I sometimes refer to as my "Holy Grail" dress, as the only time I ever saw it come up for sale is the time I bought it... and that was rather a while after I first wanted it! I'm not sure if it's a legitimate rarity or if those who first bought the dress on release simply love it as much as I do and would never part from it. Either way, I always feel so happy to see this piece in my collection, especially after I spent a while assuming I would never own it, and it was fun to give it an outing after having not worn it at all in 2016.

My family are totally unfazed by my alternative leanings, and my extended family don't even bat an eyelid when I rock up to events in a lolita coordinate, so I had no worries there. I went for something relatively casual, as honestly, I feel the print speaks for itself.

Hairbow: Handmade
Bolero: New Look
Jumperskirt: Trick Hat, Pricked Heart- Alice and the Pirates
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline

I really like the way I match my bedroom here! I always love having the fairy picture on the wall, but it looks particularly lovely with this dress!

I ended up posting this coordinate in a casual, daily lolita coordinates group on facebook and was surprised by the positive feedback. I'm not sure if I'll post again, but it was fun to have that little bit of interaction with the lolita community at large for a moment, as it's not something I do much of these days. 

So... have any of you ever worn lolita to a formal event? How did you go about coordinating your outfit? I'd love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading and looking, and I'll see you next time 

Saturday, 22 April 2017

A Cake Mission 🍰

This month has been super action-packed, so I've not had nearly as much time as I would have liked to immerse myself in the blogosphere. Hopefully I can get things back on track! I'm kicking things off with an account of a really lovely day I had with Sammi and Maddie earlier on this month. We decided to meet up in Oxford, with the aim of settling ourselves down in a café.

It was a lovely warm day, and naturally, all the eateries were rammed with people. We found ourselves walking from café to café, trying in vain to find seating for the three of us. We eventually walked towards Cowley, way out from the centre of Oxford, where we discovered a place called Tick Tock, which had interesting, South American style decor, complete with (you guessed it) all manner of clocks adorning the walls. 

We were relieved to find somewhere to sit at last, but this wave of gratitude was short lived as we looked a little closer. Underneath the quirky decor, it seemed we were in a crappy, greasy spoon caff, and as we covertly surveyed the plates of the other punters, we found the menu on offer to be the exact opposite of the quaint spread we were after. It didn't help that there was an old man seated behind Sammi who kept letting out the most horrendous, sickly-sounding coughs. 

We were just thinking about leaving when we found ourselves swooped upon by a waitress. We awkwardly placed drinks orders, deciding to use this time to gear ourselves up to find somewhere else for food. Somehow, they managed to do a poor job of serving basic drinks. I ordered an apple juice and had a random bottle of some processed crap slammed down in front of me. It was lukewarm and piss poor. About ten minutes later, I was carelessly slid a hot glass, fresh from the dishwasher, and not quite what I wanted to involve myself with on such a warm day. Sammi's iced latte was dire and Maddie was served a pint of the most underwhelming tea. We paid and continued our journey as quickly as possible. 

We tried a very hipster-style café, taken in by the macarons displayed in the window. Turned out they sold nothing else of interest so we simply made use of their WiFi and navigated our way through Google Maps. We walked back down the Cowley Road and ended up at a café called Pastiche. They had all manner of sweet treats in the window and we knew immediately we'd found a winner! Not only were there a ton of lovely desserts on offer, they were all priced very affordably! It was a shock to the system compared to my recent London cake date!

The staff were incredibly friendly and enquired politely about our lolita outfits that day. Soon, we were settled in a corner, chatting away and enjoying our fruit layer cakes. I had a pot of Earl Grey to myself that was very refreshing and tasted amazing. Essentially, this is my favourite sort of day! I love silly conversations, deep and meaningful ones, funny ones... and cycling through all of those different topics over the course of a day over tea and cake is always energising and fun!

As the day wore on, we found ourselves getting peckish and wanting something savoury. It turns out this café specialised in a full range of savoury pancakes. I opted for a mixed cheese crepe, which included cheddar, haloumi, mozzarella and feta. It was absolutely delicious!

While in the café, we couldn't help discussing our coordinate plans for the upcoming Tea Party Club event. It was a lot of fun brainstorming various wild and wonderful ideas, and speculating about different aspects of the weekend. It's the most excited I've been about a lolita event in so long!

Before we knew it, evening was drawing in and it was time we got some outfit pictures in  before heading home. 

Sammi was on-theme in her macaron print! I love how long and glossy her hair is at the moment!

Maddie pulls off neutral colours so well, and always manages to look refined and elegant!

For this little adventure, I went for a simple summery outfit with my Metamorphose Gingham Cherry, and of course my Mickey bag had to make an appearance! 

I used the belt from my Vintage Poodle dress, just to try something a little different.

I loved when Maddie asked if she could touch the bag as it looked so soft!

It was lovely to catch up with these two, and explore a bit of Oxford I've never really seen much of in the past. I only wish I'd gotten some cake to take home with me! Maybe next time! There's definitely going to be a lot more cake adventures in my future!

Do you ever struggle to find seats in cafés where you live? Do you have any favourite dessert places? I'd love to hear about your own adventures for the perfect slice of cake! Thank you so much for reading, and I'll see you next time! 

Thursday, 6 April 2017

✨ The Fancy Ladies ✨

Well, I sure have some catching up to do here! This past month has been super busy (in a good way!) so this blog has been a little neglected. But now, cosy and comfortable in my pyjamas, with all pressing tasks completed, it seems like as good a time as any to write about a recent day out to London with some lovely people. Have you ever experienced a day where you're enjoying yourself so much you wonder if you ought to pinch yourself, just to make sure you're not dreaming? Yeah, it was one of those.

The weather has been largely unpredictable lately. I was expecting a really chilly day, but things turned out to be lovely and sunny on Saturday 25th March. I headed off into central London to meet up with Wing, Reina, and Memz, whose overall squad name is the Fancy Ladies, which I think is beyond adorable. They were the first people I ever really interacted with in the UK lolita community way back in 2011, and we've stayed in touch ever since, regardless of style changes! I used to always lament that I didn't see them often enough, and then one day, with my newfound desire to be more brave, I asked myself what was stopping me from seeing them more!? Thus, we arranged a fun little get together, and planned to meet outside Primark on Tottenham Court Road. From here, we headed off to try out a new-ish Japanese bakery called Kova Patisserie.

The prices were a bit steep for the portions, I felt, but I'm very much used to that in London. I decided to go for the Matcha Mille Crepe, which I'd been eyeing on their website for a couple of weeks!

It consisted of delicate layers of pancake, matcha cream, and a light dusting of matcha powder on top. It tasted very creamy and rich, and I couldn't help feeling rather indulgent. I had Earl Grey to drink (drinks options were pretty limited and they refused to serve water... yeah, the service wasn't the best) and it was a very good cup of tea... but I genuinely think my dessert would have gone much better with milk! Or perhaps a non-matcha cream poured on top would have complemented this well, for people like me for get overwhelmed by the bitter notes of matcha more easily. Still, I'm very glad I got to try this dessert as I've never had anything similar before! 

While we savoured our food, Memz gave me a little pep talk about job-hunting and networking, which made me feel more ready to take on the world! Sometimes, it's nice to have someone to say some encouraging words. It may be that you technically knew what you needed to be doing yourself, but having someone talk about it with you can often give you a new perspective that helps you to figure things out!

Immediately after we finished our matcha treats (there was no point staying... our seating consisted of high stools in a row in front of a long narrow bench top that made conversation exceedingly difficult) we decided to head off in the direction of Lazy Oaf for some shopping! We were all wearing something by the brand, so we made quite an entrance at the shop!

I love this mirror picture! We spent ages in there trying to decide what to buy, as well as making use of the cute decor for our snapshots.

Myself and Reina always seem to end up wearing matching colours or themes! This happened the last time we met up! I guess we both have a thing for red and black! Reina's convinced I should also live in London which, in all honesty, is one of those things I weigh up from time to time! We'll see!

I went for a really simple, cosy outfit consisting of my "Used to be Weird" dress, and the Disney x Lazy Oaf Mickey cardigan. It turned out to be perfect for lots of travelling and shopping!

Before leaving, a bag caught my attention. I tried it on, and spent ages umming and ahhing over whether or not to buy it, even though I clearly loved it and wanted it. Wing tried to convince me to get it, saying she was the same with these sorts of decisions, but I put it down, figuring I could always come back later. If it was still there, then it was definitely meant to be!

We made an obligatory visit to Art Box in Covent Garden, and our friend Aggie was working that day! We stood chatting and browsing the kawaii wares for a little while, and then headed a few doors down to Rokit Vintage, where we found a cute panda sweater and Minnie Mouse top. Neither were quite my style which was a shame as I loved the motifs! 

We eventually ended up in a café called Nordic Bakery, and were amazed to find the basement level largely empty. We ordered ourselves food as we were all feeling peckish, and were pleased to be able to sit across from one another, unlike at Kova! I wanted a veggie option, but all there seemed to be were cheese and pickles on bread! I tried and failed to get an artistic food shot of that! We sat talking for ages, and it was really nice to listen to their stories, vent about life, and have a good laugh. Wing and I shared our web design woes and puzzled over my site's lack of mobile responsiveness (though I've thankfully fixed it since then!) 

After a while I began wondering if I'd made a mistake by not getting the bag in Lazy Oaf, so they immediately suggested we go before it closed! We marched back to the shop and I went downstairs, expecting it to be gone, especially as it had been on sale. But no. It was still sat there, patiently waiting for me. I picked it up triumphantly and took it back upstairs to the till.

This is it. This is the bag that captured my heart! It's super fluffy, the perfect size for a day out, and has a zipped pocket for all your bits and bobs. The pom poms are on an elasticated string, so when you walk with the backpack on, they bounce around in the most darling fashion. The straps are very sturdy, and the top handle is perfect to hook onto your arm while you look for something in the bag. I am so glad I let everyone convince me it was worth going back and getting as a treat to myself!

We looked around in a few more shops, before ending up in the Disney Store. I regret not taking pictures of the Emma Watson "Belle" dolls they had in there. They were... pretty horrifying. They were supposed to portray her features, and yet they looked like grotesque, enraged caricatures, and I couldn't stop laughing. Absolutely wild. 

And then... it was time to head home! I stayed out way later than planned, and I loved every minute of it. It was so lovely to spend time with the Fancy Ladies, and I look forward to more adventures with them in the future!

Feel free to tell me whatever you want about how things are going for you lately in the comments! I'd love to hear about any nice days out you might have had, desserts/foods you've tried lately, or new purchases you might have made! As ever, thank you so much for reading, and I'll see you next time!