Monday, 31 March 2014

I'm Your Present Review!

Recently I ordered a necklace from I'm Your Present, an Etsy shop that has got quite a huge following! They specialise in really cute and interesting handmade clothing and accessories, and I was drawn to the Japanese street fashion aesthetic of a lot of it.

I decided to get myself one of their necklaces, a nautical one that is very collar-like. Here's their stock photo:
I really liked the look of the bronze chain and the subtly pastel colours of the necklace, and looked forward to receiving it.

It only took about a week or so arrive. Everything was wrapped up in pink tissue paper which I thought was adorable. Let's start with all the extras I got in my package:
Free dolphin earrings! I really wasn't expecting that. I also got a lollipop, a discount code for my next purchase, a cat sticker, and a postcard sized business card for the shop.

This is the underside of the card:
How sweet is that?! I thought that was a really simple but thoughtful gesture. So in terms of the packaging and personalised service, this shop definitely gets full marks.

Now, onto the actual necklace. Let me start off by saying that when I opened the little cardboard box it was in (carefully placed in fluffy protective padding) I was immediately surprised because I didn't expect the colours to be like this.
The actual colour of the chain is a rather gaudy gold, and the assorted charms are white rather than various shades of pastel. Now, I can totally understand editing the colours of photos. I do it all the time. But when it comes to representing the product you are selling, you have to be more careful. I don't think you should have to carefully read an item description when the photo should tell you what you need to know about the product, at least where the colours are concerned.

After deciding I still did rather like the necklace (I'm not a fan of bright gold at all but figured perhaps I could make this work) I incorporated it into a very basic coordinate for a quick trip to the bank.
It matches the gold details of my bag well, and there are other clothes I have (plain black tops especially) that I think will be complemented by it. Top marks for how nice it looks worn!

Here's a close up picture of me wearing it:
The colours in this picture came out a bit instagram-ish but it still hasn't affected the fact the necklace is clearly bright gold with white charms. The side of the mermaid charm you can see here came with weird grubby marks on it and I'm not sure what they are. I'm going to have to try to get them off somehow.

I do really like this necklace, and I think the charms are simply adorable. The construction is faultless, and I do like that it's a statement piece for sure. But I think it's important for stock photos to be accurate, and for any small imperfections with the parts to be clearly stated, so I'm Your Present loses some marks there for me. 

Would I order from them again? Yes! Their prices are very reasonable and as far as online shopping issues go, the ones I outlined in this post are pretty minor. I was impressed with the service, and I do believe I'm Your Present value their customers in a big way. I don't think I've ever received such a cute package before!

So, what do you guys think of the necklace? And have you ever received something that wasn't quite what you were expecting it to be? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading! 

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Hey Chickadee Review: Pusheen!

Today I thought I would review the Pusheen merchandise I got in the post earlier this week.

I don't know about everyone else but I absolutely love Pusheen! I think people into kawaii stuff tend to love Hello Kitty (me included), but I always found her a little lacking in substance! Pusheen on the other hand has a lot more personality and is overall adorable. I use the moving stickers in my Facebook messages far too much...

Anyway, I decided to get myself the Pusheenicorn t-shirt, career pins, and pretty phone charm from Hey Chickadee.

Everything took about a week to get to me, and there was no nasty customs charge. Yes!

First off, the phone charm:
Eeek, it's so cute! I do wish it was double-sided though. As it is, the back is just plain black. Still, this charm adds some cuteness to my very boring plain black phone case. I love her little bow!

Onto the badges:
Again, super cute! They're a bit on the small side, but I was expecting this as the measurements are listed on the website. I can't wait to pin them to my clothes.

Finally, the t-shirt!
This picture shows the colour quite accurately-- moreso than the website which made it seem like it would be a standard baby pink. I'm actually glad it turned out to be a pale peachy pink colour, as I think the print looks much better against it. I really love this top!

Really naff worn picture (I'd just got out of bed) but oh well! I finally have something to go with the weird peachy pink tights that never seemed to quite match anything! I don't think they even match here but close enough!

Overall, I'm very happy with my order and would definitely use Hey Chickadee again.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Do you like Pusheen? Let me know in the comments 

Monday, 24 March 2014

A Springtime Meetup

On Saturday I hosted a meetup for the Berkshire lolitas! The last time I hosted a meet was in 2011 so I was really anxious about getting everything to run smoothly. This meet really couldn't have come quickly enough. After a disastrous term at uni, I needed a break and to hang out with my friends again.

The weather was mainly bright and sunny, though it was quite chilly whenever the wind blew! This didn't stop everyone from taking group and outfit pictures in the park, though. There were even ducks!

Everything was in bloom, which made for really gorgeous scenery.

Here's all of us! For some reason most of us ended up wearing darker colours even though it was such a lovely springtime day!

After spending a little while taking pictures, explaining the fashion to passers by, and even some girls requesting we do the YMCA for them (I didn't get this either), we headed off to Wagamamas for a hearty meal! There was a slight blip in with our reservation, though (read: they didn't properly reserve space for us) so for a while our group was split into two, while we waited for people at the other end of our table to finish their meal. Still, we were reunited in time to order our food. While we waited, I passed around a lolita quiz I'd made for everyone to complete! Then, the food came out pretty quickly.

I ordered the yaki udon. It was ok. I was pleased with the generous portion size but seeing as it was a chicken and prawn dish, it would have been nice to get more than ONE prawn in the entire thing!

I went into teacher mode and started pretending to be angry about people cheating on the quiz! Surely three people sat together couldn't all recite Btssb's longest name print completely accurately?!

I gradually corrected everyone's quizzes and added up the scores. Miles ahead of everyone else with 7½ out of 10 was Luna, who won the quiz and a little bow!

After our meal, some of us bought McFlurries from McDonald's (so rori) and then we went into the shopping centre to check out Claire's Accessories and have a general browse. Lots of people came up to talk to us and ask about our clothes that day, but the general response was very positive and polite-- the polar opposite of Oxford! 

We eventually made our way to Mr Chips, which as well as being a regular chippy, also sells bubble tea!

We all crowded into the tiny chip shop and a lot of us bought tea. I didn't this time, but I did sample other people's! I had to try the taro tea, which looked like blended up lavender! I thought it was ghastly, but a sip of someone else's strawberry tea soon solved that issue. Also, it turns out you can have juice balls instead of tapioca pearls? I wish I'd known this sooner! It's the tapioca that always ruined it for me, but the juice balls are much nicer and super refreshing.

Here's my coordinate for the day:
I decided to go for my Bodyline polka dot dress, which I only recently realised matched the Cloudberry Lady hair comb I won at Frock On last summer. I was pretty happy with this outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I had a really lovely day and I can't wait to have more meetups with my local comm! It feels so awesome to finally have a proper local comm that's literally right in my home town!

Thanks for looking, and feel free to comment! See you next time 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

An Anniversary Meetup!

On Sunday I went to a lolita meetup with the Oxfordshire Lolitas. We celebrated the comm's 3 year anniversary! I've been part of the comm for a little over a year now, and it was nice to sit back and relax in the festive scene and marvel at how these girls have become such important people in my life. It was a really lovely meetup for me and I remain very grateful that I was welcomed into the group. This is already getting very soppy but I am so glad I joined this comm and I am excited about hanging out with them lots more during 2014!

For this meetup I decided to wear an all Bodyline coordinate that I haven't worn in ages. The Lovely Poodle skirt is one of my all time favourite prints and no one will ever manage to convince me that the mirrored writing is anything but awesome.

I've really taken to using my kitchen as a backdrop for my photos, though I can't always be bothered to move the pink recycling bin out of the way which probably spoils the effect a bit! 

We held our meet at the Mitre, which is a pub we seem to frequent at meets. We had a little alcove all to ourselves, and it felt very much like a kid's party!
We pulled party poppers, played with helium-filled balloons, blew bubbles (I absolutely love bubbles! They are so calming) and ate the most gorgeous chocolate cake that our host, Michelle, made herself.

I love the choice of wording on the cake! I managed to nab the S slice of course! You can see the remnants of party poppers and presents on the table. Michelle wrapped cute little gifts of sweets, bubbles, pens, and candy bracelets for everyone!

In addition to the cute treats, we also had a raffle. I only managed to win one ticket, which meant I had less chances to get things, but I still ended up with something I really loved!
I have been eyeing this macaron necklace in Claire's for the longest time and for some reason never got round to buying it. But finally, I have it! I love that everyone chipped in and donated lots of cute loot to the raffle pile, which meant that everyone came away with items they liked. I love our raffles! I still have the accessories I won from last year's. They always end up coming in handy, but they're also a  reminder of the wonderful friends I've made.

And here's all of us together! ✿´・ᴗ・`✿  

The weather was truly dismal and we ended up having to take our photos in some random alleyway, much to our general amusement. But we didn't let that dampen our spirits, and posed for lots of great pictures together for the first time in what felt like ages. After this, we headed off to the shopping centre for an obligatory browse in Primark! A great end to a great day.

Thanks for checking out this post! And thanks to the Oxfordshire Lolitas for yet another wonderful meetup