Friday, 30 August 2013

Chair Revamp Project

When I moved into my maisonette, the previous owner left behind a few bits and pieces of random furniture, including this gold chair.
Well, I thought it had potential! It's very comfortable to sit in, and the design seemed pretty cute. I just wasn't crazy about the fabric seat and the overpowering gold tones.

And so, with my dad's help, I set about transforming it! He spray painted it, we went to Dunelm Mill (why did nobody tell me about this amazing shop before? They sell just about everything!) and bought pleather from the haberdashery, and a cute cushion. The next part consisted of stapling the right amount of pleather over the seat. And well...that's about it! A very simple project.

Here's the finished result:

Pretty cute, huh? I'm really into pastel interior design at the moment, so this is perfect for me. The cushion from Dunelm Mill was only £2.49, and it's super puffy and comes with straps for you to secure to chairs. What a bargain!

That's about all I have to share with you today. Tomorrow is Frock On! and I'm super excited, though very anxious! I have a lot of things to bring with me (things for the "bring and buy" sale, food, umbrella, miscellaneous useful stuff, a book for the journey...) so I think I'll just bring a small suitcase! This really is one of those occasions where those shopping trolleys that you tend to see old people wheeling around would come in handy.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and hopefully I'll have some fabulous photos to share with you all from the event next time I post! 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

H&M Makeup Bag

I'm sure most people will have seen it by now, but there's this super cute bag in H&M at the moment!

It's of the same sort of style you find on lolita handbags, with a big bow on the front and cute scalloped edges. Anyway, it was being sold at a sale price in my local H&M for only £2 so I decided to get one finally after seeing it in there for months.

It's adorable, isn't it?! It would have been awesome if it had straps so you could use it as a shoulder bag, though of course it wouldn't be hard to attach some of your own. It's really roomy, about 25x19 cm, and could be used as a toiletries bag if you're staying somewhere overnight.

It also came in a white/greyish colour combo, but I didn't see any of that colourway left while I was in H&M.

I thought I would share this with you as I personally love seeing loliable high street finds!

Thanks for looking, and feel free to share any recent finds of your own in the comments