International Lolita Day Summer 2014

Last Saturday I organised a lolita meetup in honour of the summer edition of International Lolita Day. The weather was set to be rainy and stormy, so I decided to call off the picnic I had meticulously planned. But whilst I did wake up to thunder and an intense rain shower, by around 11am it had completely cleared up, much to my frustration. My replacement plan was to go for a meal at Wagamama.

The day became really warm and summery. We posed in the now fully bloomed area of the park which made for some lovely photos. We couldn't help trying to pose with all the flowers!

Silly photos and yet Luna and Sammi still look totally adorable! 

After a rather cloudy start to the proceedings the sun came out and all of a sudden it was boiling! I had dressed for the apocalypse only to be greeted by some sort of summery paradise?! 

We managed to get a nice photo of the entire group.
Such a lovely meetup setting!

After taking lots of photos, we headed off for our meal. I ordered yaki udon like I did last time and I was disappointed by how sour it was. Oh well... this time I got TWO whole prawns instead of one, haha.

During the meal I handed out another one of my quizzes! This time it was a print name/dress name test, where you had to decide which prints were real, and which ones I had simply made up. Luna, being the lolita knowledge champion, won the quiz again with 13/20, and Fern came in second place with 11/20. I awarded both of them with flowery hair accessories. Most people only got 4 questions right! I can't say I'm surprised... you probably wouldn't have expected Ruby Gloom and Dobby Cherry to be actual lolita brand dress names!

Sammi's test paper turned cupcake plate!

After our meal we ended up back in the park again to eat the cupcakes someone had been generous enough to provide! There were also donations of chocolate chip cookies, and really adorable goodie bags that day, too. We all had a souvenir to take away from the day.

And finally, a picture of me, chilling with the roses of course. The blouse is my trusty Anna House one, and the jumperskirt is actually a Sai Sai, Camden find. The label says Pyon Pyon which I believe is a Taobao brand. I need to wear it more often! I quite enjoyed my venture into kuro lolita!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what my local comm got up to on International Lolita Day! Did you celebrate? :)
Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave a comment! 

I couldn't resist making a little dress-up game version of my kuro coord! XD


  1. Wow, you look so pretty in kuro! What a fun looking meet up, that garden is absolutely gorgeous :) Too bad the weather deciding to play tricks on you!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, we are lucky to have such a lovely local gardens for days out such as these :) Haha, English weather can never be trusted!

  2. Your coord looks great ^.^ I love your print name quiz!

    1. Thank you! :) Yay, I'm glad! I was quite proud of myself for coming up with that quiz XD

  3. ah i loved that meet :D we all thought we could wear our usual loli co-ords but the sun tricked us! but everyone still looked lovely ^_^ hope we can have a picnic meet soon xxx

    1. Glad you enjoyed it :) If the English weather wasn't so unpredictable I'm sure a picnic would have happened by now! Hopefully one day soon we'll be able to have one! <3