Berkshire Lolitas February Meetup!

On Saturday 1st February, the Berkshire Lolitas had a meetup.

The previous night I'd heard it was going to rain, but Saturday dawned bright and clear, so I felt optimistic we'd be in for a nice day. And we were! Though I must say it was incredibly windy.

My hair turned out really nicely that day, which you would never be able to tell given the bizarre things my hair proceeded to do at the meetup. I put in a hair accessory on the way there.

I decided to wear Meta's Vintage Poodle jumperskirt. The last time I wore it to a meet it ended up being super windy, too! I'm not sure why this dress has decided to call upon these natural forces every time I wear it...

I don't think there's an outfit picture of me from that meetup where I don't look derpy in some way! What has happened to my hair?!

Anyway, I had a lot of fun seeing everyone again, including fellow Ox Loli Sammi, and fellow blogger Ophelia! Many selfies ensued!

We were being blown all over the place by gusts of wind but somehow the sky was the most gorgeous blue, and the sun never stopped shining!

Here's all of us being cute and very cold without our coats! We got a great mix-up of styles going on that day.

After the obligatory Forbury Gardens photoshoot, we decided to go have something to eat. Originally, we were going to go to Wagamamas, but it was packed with people. We walked back down the Riverside and ended up at Tampopo, where we'd had our previous meet.

I decided to try the Com Hue, which had pieces of pork, two delicious prawns and lots of squid mixed into the rice. I've never had squid before but I have to say, I really did enjoy it!

The mood was dampened, however, when we were tricked into paying the optional service charge by the waiter who kept insisting we hadn't paid the bill in full. I really wish I had understood what had happened sooner because I'm annoyed at myself for letting it go and not kicking up a fuss! There was nothing particularly great about the service (he managed to get someone's drink order wrong) and I don't appreciate being pressured into paying what is basically a suggested tip. I don't know if I'll go there again. Maybe I should write an angry e-mail... or just take it as a lesson for the future.

Still, that doesn't negate the fact I had a really amazing time. I'm very lucky to have such a lovely local community, and I'm looking forward to more meetups in the future! I'm planning on hosting the meet next month so I had better start putting plans into action!

I hope you enjoyed this meetup report! Thanks for reading 


  1. That jsk looked stunning on you, I don't think you look derpy in any of the pictures but I guess I can't convince you otherwise. its a shame about the service though, I personally didn't pay (I dropped everything out of my bag and he just stared at me...opps) but if it was optional he should have just left us :/

    apart from that it was a truly amazing day, I'm still in love with my broach though the temptation to wear it out is overwhelmed to the fear of losing it ( I may have to glue it to me). Either way thank you, and lovely Blog post as ever! <3

    1. Aww, thank you so much! It's definitely one of my favourite dresses :3 I do quite like the photos but my hair is doing wild things in all of them! Makes me look like I'm super untidy XD

      It makes me so happy you liked the brooch! You're very welcome dear-- I should be the one thanking you for buying it in the first place! It means a lot to me <3