Friday, 14 February 2014

A Romantic Meal in Patisserie Valerie

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

I have always enjoyed this day. When I was single I would make silly cards and give them to friends, and dress in pink for the occasion! I've never understood why single people choose this day to be upset. There is much more in life than just romantic love, and I personally believe in sharing it with everyone! Don't be glum... let's all think instead about everyone important to us and try to do something nice for someone today.

❤  ❤  

So, today seems as good a time as any to talk about a meal I had at Patisserie Valerie last Saturday, which was my 2 year anniversary with my partner.

I had never been in there before but knew they did lots of different cakes. It was quite busy on this day, but my partner and I managed to get seats as soon as we entered the cafe/restaurant/whatever it's supposed to be!

We found the table we were sat at far too low for a meal, and we were moved to a different one immediately, without any drama or difficulties. When we were finally settled, we decided to try the winter menu, choosing a main meal and a dessert, which was just under £10 each. Not bad.

We went for bangers and mash!

It's funny how much it looks like slop-- but it was actually delicious! The sausages were good quality, the kind infused with herbs, and the gravy was gorgeous and had onion strips in it. Certainly not the most sophisticated choice of food for a date but the taste is the main thing. We were both quite full after this but prepared ourselves for the dessert. We chose the black forest gateaux.

It was ok (and this is coming from someone who really isn't into chocolate flavoured things-- I usually find them too rich and bitter) and our slices were generously sized.
I don't know that I would go there again but we did enjoy ourselves and it was a nice experience. The people who served us were attentive and well-mannered, and we didn't feel like we were unwelcome or being rushed out. I wish more places had waiters and waitresses like this!

Here's my coordinate from that day.
I feel like I wear Alice's Ribbon Kingdom all the time, but it's such a versatile jumperskirt that I can't help myself. It's so easy to dress up, or to wear on more casual days, and I love that.

Thanks for looking and reading, and I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a great day, everyone 


  1. A valentines day meal at Patisserie Valerie sounds so dreamy!
    I'm glad you had a lovely day, you're co-ord for the day was so beautiful, you really do rock meta don't you :)

    1. Thanks a lot, dear! :3 I wish there were more cake places to go to!
      That jumperskirt is actually from Btssb :) I'm glad you liked my coord! <3

  2. You're so beautiful!! I love your coord a lot! (and I am hardcore craving bangers and mash now...)

    1. Eeeeek thank you so much! :') Haha, it was super yummy even if it looks questionable in the photo :) Sometimes the most basic meals can be the best!

  3. I never understood being so upset on Valentine's Day either. I love holidays and dressing up so I would always dress up too. I did that this year as well. Plus my boss got red tulips for all the student workers at the library which was really really sweet.

    1. Aw, what a lovely gesture! I'm glad you also agree-- it's so much more positive to look at it as a fun holiday and an excuse to get dressed up :)