The Lazy Oaf V.I.P Party

Hey everyone!

I'm a little behind schedule with the updates, so bear with! This next one is from November 7th.

So... this all came about rather by chance. Wing, a friend of mine, runs the Lazy Oaf Sales group on facebook, and is friends with one of the staff at the Lazy Oaf shop. Her connections ended up with her being asked to invite a bunch of people passionate about the brand to a V.I.P. launch of a new sub-label for the brand, called G.E.M. 

I could not have been more excited when I received my e-mail invitation, and set about planning to attend. I booked the day of work specially, so that I wouldn't have fatigue in the evening.

The event happened on a rainy Tuesday night at the Lazy Oaf shop in Carnaby, London.I ended up being one of the only people not wearing pastel pink! Why didn't I get the memo!? Mostly people were wearing super cute, fluffy looks, really going all out for the event. It was fun to see the details people added to their outfits, from handmade bunny ear hats, to customised Lazy Oaf pieces.

Outfit choice aside, this event was so fun and cute. We went down to the basement of the shop and Kunika, the cookie artist, had provided a bunch of special biscuits for everyone, and they tasted incredible-- so delicate and soft.

The downstairs had be re-decorated especially for the launch, with the walls painted a darling shade of pink, giving the whole space a warm, slightly surreal glow. 

Everybody oohed and ahhed over the new collection, and we took turns trying pieces on, and commenting on who suited what! It was so much fun to chat with everyone so enthusiastically about fashion! Most unexpectedly, Gemma Shiel, the founder of Lazy Oaf herself, attended the launch! I found myself suddenly being offered a cold drink by her, and engaged in conversation with herself and Wing. She was super friendly and down to earth, seemingly almost still in awe that there were so many people out there loving and appreciating her brand.

I was so happy to get a picture with Gemma! (@gemmaoaf) My outfit was more punk-inspired. I have such a thing for stripes at the moment and wear that top far too much, haha. Gemma's look was so simple yet edgy and totally perfect on her.

I didn't end up buying anything in the end (though someone did spend an extended period of time trying to convince me, even calling other people over for back-up, to buy a cardigan. But it had no pockets so I ended up leaving it) but it was good to be there to see a new collection in person, and be part of such a fun, special evening. I think all the things that I would have liked to say to Gemma, and questions I would have liked to ask as an aspiring fashion designer more or less went out of the window... but that's life!

I loved everyone's outfits so much! It was a lot of fun being surrounded by this lovely group of people and I feel so privileged to have been a part of this event! I'll leave you their instagram handles in case you want to follow these fashionable ladies (plus I just really like instagram).
Top row: @cgiolo, @chantillic, @dodopotato, @rfrenchillustration, @charliejamison, @chocoreverie, @memz_x . Bottom row: @herajika, @reina_roo, @spiffykidd (or, you know, me).

After a couple of hours, the event began to wrap up, and while most people went off to Chinatown for food and Tuesday night shots, I had to head home. It ended up only taking an hour total from Chinatown to my bedroom, so I was very pleased!

I'm glad that I've been continuing to step out of my comfort zone this year. Even earlier in the year, this is something that would have made me so anxious and unsure of myself. By allowing myself to embrace these opportunities and take people up on their invitations, I've found myself experiencing things I never would have in the past. It's not quite over yet, but this has been such an incredible year, and I feel like I have a lot more happiness in my life!

Have any of you ever met someone who inspires you, be it a designer, artists, musician etc? Did you remember to ask any important "interviewer" questions? Or were you like me, and got too carried away chatting to them like an old friend? I'd love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading as ever, and see you next time 


  1. Although I'm not a big fan of Lazy Oaf's clothing (I just don't think I'm cool or edgy enough to pull off the oversized cuts or the bold patterns), I am a little jealous that you got to go to such a cool event, it sounds amazing. It's probably also better that you could just chat with the designer as if you've known each other forever, better than that cool, professional distance as it makes them more approachable and human and less like an untouchable deity. I know that it's not always easy to get out of one's comfort zone, especially when it comes to socialising, but it can be great to push yourself out there a little more. I haven't had a full weekend at home for like 5 weeks now and won't for another 2 or 3 more, but while my introverted self is pretty tired, I've not regretted a single thing and felt more like I had the social life that I had always wanted and which makes me happy. It's nice to be a pyjama-clad hermit sometimes, but it's all the outings and meetings with friends that will stick with us for life.

    1. I don't think you need to be cool or edgy to wear anything, honestly! I'm a firm believer of doing things with "purpose", and then nobody really questions it because you seem confident in what you're doing!

      I totally agree. I've never been a fan of events that are more like awkward meet and greets where everyone has a designated time slot to talk to the "star" etc. This was super relaxed and like any other social gathering, and it was great that Gemma took the time to talk to every little group there. It was a really positive experience and I wish more brands etc would organise events in a similar vein!

      Aw, well make sure you make space for some proper "you time". It's fantastic that you've felt so fulfilled socially, though! I've been feeling the same way and it's wonderful. I'm so happy for you <3

      I hope we can meet up in the new year! ^_^

    2. I know that and on a rational level I realise how daft a notion that is - and yet I struggle to imagine myself wearing something like this. It's one of those "love it on other people" kind of thing. And maybe a little bit of being afraid to spend the money to try something out because what if it doesn't work out? If one day I find something that I'd like and feel I could try out with the rest of my clothes, which are mostly Axes Femme, I think I'll give it a go.

      Oh yeah, definitely would love to see more events like that! I get that most labels have more than one designer, especially once they've grown into bigger companies, but even if it's just one named collection from a bigger brand. But then again, these would probably mostly take place in London, so I'm still out. :P

      It's on the cards over Christmas! I have a whole week off and except for a little going to and from between my place and my boyfriend's, I don't intend to do much that requires me to put actual clothes on. :P But until then I'm spending Saturdays outside and with people!

      That would be amazing! 2018 will be my last year with a railcard, so I'll have to make the most of it and plan some weekend trips :)