Tuesday, 31 January 2017

My Wardrobe 2017

Hey everyone!

I really left things until the last minute here, but it wasn't really until the last minute that I realised I did want to do a wardrobe post after all! I've been completely out of the livejournal loop (not that I've missed a whole lot. January is the only time it's truly active on egl, after all!) and am going to set aside some time to look at other people's wardrobes, write some comments, and generally soak up those happy, pretty clothes vibes.

My wardrobe went through minimal changes this past year, outside of the addition of more accessories, a handmade main piece and my dream dress acquisition!

I feel a sense of completion, in that I have no dream or holy grail items left to chase. There used to be more I really wanted but over time I lost interest or become apathetic towards them. I never really worked that hard to get my dream dress, which is why it took so long. I think deep down, I liked always having something left to want, and now that the quest is over in that respect, it's bittersweet. Still... I occasionally come across pieces I do like and would enjoy owning, so I'd like to think I'm not at the end of the road just yet.

Exploring other fashions has been good for me because even though I do have a decent number of main pieces, I don't have the sizable collection that some lolitas do, so naturally my pieces were getting worn in fairly heavy rotation during my daily lolita phases. I do like my lolita wardrobe but I was starting to get bored of wearing the same things all the time! Breaking up the cycle a bit has been nice, and it's stopped me from entangling my personality/identity with a particular style or subculture. I keep wanting to make a YouTube video about that-- about how one can eventually lose themselves in something that was supposed to help them find themselves, but I never get round to it. Maybe this year! It would be fun to use my channel some more.

Anyway, the wardrobe post is done, and January is over. This month hasn't quite gone to plan (does life ever!?) but there has been some progress, and of course, there's still 11 months of 2017 to go!

Did any of you make an egl wardrobe post? Link me to yours if I've not commented on it already!
How has your January been? Feel free to chat to me about it in the comments!

Thanks for reading and I'll see you next time 


  1. I think there are still some Lolitas left who do a wardrobe post, but this year I think there were more posts on Facebook asking "uh should I do one, do you want to see miiine" than actually people doing a post haha! I haven't done one except posting a picture of my Lolita closet (but I like this kind of wardrobe post as well so I can still get a small glimpse of what other people own haha).

    Otherwise, the things I'm wanted to work on for 2017 didn't happened fully yet, BUT I definitly started to work on them (like I wanted to cook everyday and prepare my food for the next day, I do it at least half of the week, so it's a progress!).

    1. Last year the ammount post was extremely high, so many I gave commenting on the all of them. Out of suddenly Livejournal is active community. I have impression of people did post their wardrobe posts, but more in closed communities than livejournal or a blog/vlog.

      I did make a wardeobe post, but I one of first doing it, so everybody might have seen the post.

      Mine January was not so interesting, I recovered on extremely busy Christmas.

    2. Miuko: Yeah, I've seen people post their lolita wardrobes elsewhere, too, like on instagram. I think there's a lot of people who have done posts in the past and remember how much work it was, and can't really be bothered to do it anymore when they know they're going to get barely any comments anyway.

      I'm glad to hear you've made progress with cooking more! That's a really good habit to get into, and it tends to save money in the long run ^_^

      V. Atalant: It was, wasn't it? I remember seeing so many last time round. January is when the community suddenly has a new lease of life and then... wardrobe post month is over and everything is silent again.

      I hope you enjoyed having a more peaceful January after the chaos of Christmas!

  2. I saw your wardrobe post, and congratulations on acquiring your dream dress ^_^ it's very beautiful and I'm not surprised it holds a dear place in your heart. My wardrobe is small too, but the thought of photographing everything seemed like a lot of work, so I haven't made a proper wardrobe post so much as a snapshot on my blog. Maybe I'll do one next year, if it's still a thing. I hope February goes better for you! I feel a bit like that, but we can't write off the year for the sake of one month :D

    1. Thank you! It's such a gorgeous shade of red and I adore all the little details! Trying it on for the first time was such a great feeling ^_^
      It's a lot of work, which is why I ended up simply re-using photos from previous years. I'd love to do a carefully photographed post but lighting in my house is a struggle and at this point... well, I got a grand total of two people commenting on my post so I'm not massively convinced there will be any point in people bothering at all with LJ next year XD Still, I enjoy archiving my wardrobe in this way on a personal level, as there's something really satisfying in having my collection all laid out in a picture post like that.

      At the start of the year, you're rearing to go with all your plans and even if it's unrealistic, you can't help feeling disappointed you didn't somehow achieve loads within that first month! I hope you have a good February, too <3