Monday, 16 May 2016

Think Pink!

I suppose it probably goes without saying that pink is my favourite colour. I like to have things in pink, whether it's clothes, shoes, homewares, stationery etc. I was lying in bed this morning, still kind of recovering from the weekend and mulling over life when I couldn't help noticing how hilariously pink everything looked as the sun filtered its way through my pink curtains.
Honestly, I love waking up to this rose-tinted wonderland.

For some reason, it reminded me of a video I saw doing the rounds on Facebook earlier this year, about a so-called "green lady". I found it absolutely delightful and couldn't help but re-watch it.

Is this not the dream for us fashionistas when we reach old age? I can't imagine living my life obsessed solely with one colour, because I would find that rather limiting (and I really do enjoy wearing colours like black and red too much!) But there is something so appealing about creating your own vivid aesthetic in old age. I like that although so much of what she owns is green, she decorates her home with a very neutral, white colour-scheme which tones down the overall greenness of her possessions. I find it really adorable that she's known in her area for her outfits and hair colour. I've joked in the past about aspiring to be a ~crazy cat lady~, and I even have a wall decal with those very words on it. However, I think I would be the sort of cat lady who actually goes out and roams the neighbourhood with her cats in tow, wearing elaborate outfits, sporting ridiculous hair-dos, and striking up conversations with the presumably curious passers-by. As I make my way through life I find that I really value going out and about, having new adventures and being social, and I can see that this "green lady" is all about that, too. Pensioner goals.

🌼   🌼   🌼

I have wanted pink hair for a number of years but never went ahead with it because I knew the bleaching process would fry my naturally black hair. After giving my hair and scalp a bit of a break for a couple of weeks, I finally got my braids re-done last and decided it would be the perfect way to trial pink hair, as it would cause no damage to my own hair, and would be easy to remove if necessary!
And here's the result! At first, I had a whole chunk of my hair done in pink, but decided it looked very unbalanced and a bit too OTT. After a bit of re-jigging, I ended up with pink braids scattered around on either side of my head, so that the colour would become visible through movement. As you can probably tell, I'm rather in love with it.

For a while, I was very much focused on having "lolita hair", hence my straight hime cut, with painstakingly tonged bangs. Nowadays, I'm a lot more relaxed about this sort of thing. I sometimes miss my fringe, but I'm having a lot of fun trying out new things, and challenging myself to make them work cohesively in lolita coordinates.

I like the fact that my hair now matches my pink x black coordinates really well. This is the casual outfit I wore for today's post office trip. The weather has been so gorgeous lately and I didn't even need a bolero!

The aim for this picture was less about being risqué and more about having a detail shot which illustrates how much I love these socks. They're not super long, and yet they never slip below my knee, which is exciting when you're used to OTKs ending up being UTKs on you. I also love that these lace-topped ones evoke a slightly old school feeling, a touch I always try to add somewhere in my outfits.

Now, do tell me, dear hearts: what's your favourite colour? Have you ever had/do you have an unnatural colour in your hair? What do you think of the "green lady"? Do you ever have silly daydreams about what you'll be like in old age!? I'd love to know! Thank you so much for reading as ever, and I'll see you next time! 


  1. Your hair looks amazing! And pink really suits you ^__^

    I think with colour I'm like you, I could never stick to one. Green or purple are my favourites but not ones I tend to wear much. And whether I do it through colour or something else I fully intend to be a delightfully eccentric old lady when the time comes.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you think so ^_^

      Mhm, I don't think I could stick to one colour without it getting samey and monotonous.
      Haha, yes, that's the spirit! Here's to finding a quirky old lady niche we fully exploit when the time comes!

  2. Oh, I love fashionable, confident old ladies, they're the best! Just like you, it's a life goal for me too: to reach old age being fabulous in my own way and style, and to not give a damn about what others may think, because me being happy with who I am is a priority. :D

    I'm also the same in that I couldn't limit myself to one colour. I love my blues and reds, couldn't really live without them, within or outside of Lolita. for a very brief moment I had dark green hair, but it was too much work to maintain it, so I've gone back to reds, which are permanent. I must say though, your pink and black hair looks fantastic, it's just the right amount of pink to lift it, but still be ok for everyday. And it does go with black x pink coords so well, I like how it looks altogether. :D

    1. So do I! It's actually a topic I would like to write more in-depth on because I think aging has such a negative rap where lolita fashion is concerned. Constantly we see questions crop up in the community asking how old is too old, and whether or not we need to retire certain styles from our wardrobe as we age. As far as I'm concerned, there is no age limit on being fabulous!

      Yes, it's really nice to maintain a level of variety in your wardrobe even if you do end up having one particular colour you favour. I would get pretty bored wearing the same colour every single day after a while! I can imagine how much of a pain it was to manage the upkeep of green hair, so red sounds like the best option in the long term!

      Thank you so much! I'm glad you like how it looks, and that I seem to have ended up with the right colour balance! 💖

  3. Your hair looks stunning and really really suits you! I've always loved the look of braids but my goodness is the pink a brilliant addition! Works so well with lolita too.

    When I first got into lolita I worried about not having lolita hair too because I despise having a fringe (14 years of thick straight fringe that made me look like a Shetland pony will do that to you) even though I love them on other people. These days I don't worry so much. I realised that my love of hats compensates for my lack of hair styling ability too!

    1. Aw, thank you so much! I'm glad you think it works with lolita, as I was rather concerned about it looking a bit too out of place! I'm definitely loving the pink so far ^_^

      Haha, fringes definitely aren't for everyone! It seems like most of the examples of "lolita hair" involve a fringe, so it's pretty hard to find inspiration for what to do and what might look good outside of that box. I think that as long as your hair looks well-maintained, healthy and neat, a nice matching hair accessory (or in your case, a hat!) are really all that you need to complement your outfit :)