Saturday, 13 September 2014

My 21st Birthday!

Last Saturday I turned 21. To celebrate, I decided to have a day out with my best friends.

And my hair was down for once! 

The four of us started off our day by heading to Ed's Easy Diner, which I'd never been to before. Their menu was mainly made up of different kinds of hot dogs and burgers. I decided to try a chilli dog.
Despite how it looks, it was very yummy! Next time I would like to have the pulled pork dog. I tried a little of Sammi's and it was delicious!

After our meal, we went about the shopping centre for a bit, stopping off at a bubble tea stand. I didn't bother getting one as bubble tea hasn't really been my thing thus far. After this, we went on a walk out of the town centre to a vintage shop called Frock and Roll. They have quite a good selection of clothes, though they are often in very small sizes. 

We ended up being more distracted by a random hobby horse in the end! The maturity being displayed here is astounding...

Sammi managed to find a pair of pretty white gloves, and Luna a pair of dusky pink ones. I left empty handed! I was hoping to find some cute pastel cardigans for pop kei purposes, but perhaps I'll have more luck later on in the year.

It was a nice sunny day so we decided to take some pictures by the river (thanks for being our photographer as ever, James!)
Luna and Sammi looked so cute and summery! 

As things got into the evening we decided to find a pub to retire to. We shared a meat platter which included "sliders" (which I had to google before we ordered because none of us had a clue what they were).
The food was underwhelming but I had gotten really hungry since Ed's all those hours ago, so I still ate it. I somehow managed to splatter barbecue sauce on both my blouse and my face! How am I 21?!

After a long, fun day together we said our farewells at the train station, and then I went home to do the usual birthday celebrations with my family. I couldn't be bothered to find 21 candles (plus I was sure something would get set alight...) so I settled with 12, which is of course 21 backwards so perfectly acceptable.

Wouldn't luck have it-- I really enjoyed my brother's birthday cake (his birthday was a couple of weeks before mine) but I didn't like the taste of mine at all! Oh well... visually, I am pleased with the one that was chosen for me. It definitely suited my lolita sensibilities, so I was content.

To finish off, I'll leave you with a more formal outfit picture!

Hair comb: Cloudberry Lady
Blouse: Primark
Jumperskirt: Alice and the Pirates' St. Mephisto Cathédrale
Shoes (which disintegrated over the course of the day, caused me foot pain, and destroyed my tights): An*tai*na

Overall, I had a really amazing day and I can't wait to spend time with my friends again! We're going on a mini holiday to London next week for the Tea Party Club anniversary event, Revelry. If you're going, come say hi to me!

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend, everyone! 


  1. Awww I'm so glad you had a lovely day! :D

  2. Waaah your outfit is so cute *v* And your day sounds like a nice birthday. That cake looks amazing with the flower decoration *_*

    1. Thank you so much! It was a pretty simple day but good company was all I needed :)
      Glad you agree-- I loved how pretty the cake looked! <3