Saturday, 13 July 2013

A sunny Alice Day and a trip to Ikea

Hey everyone! Last Saturday I went to a really great meetup in Oxford, where we celebrated the city's annual Alice Day!

Of course, the theme was Alice in Wonderland, so I made sure to wear my Bodyline Alice print skirt, and an Alice themed necklace I got from a 50s style shop.

There's a spoon, slice of cake, key, mad hatter cameo, egg sandwich and teapot!

It was very hot that day, around 25 Celsius, and the train I took didn't have air conditioning. It was an unfortunate journey to say the least!

All the fun I had when I got there made up for it, though. Here's the entirety of my coordinate:
I wore my new Anna House blouse, and a hairbow I made myself.

Everyone looked really fabulous that day! Here's a group picture:
The Oxfordshire lolita group merged with the Bristol lolitas for the day so I got to meet some new faces! Overall, it was a really fab day, and I can't wait for the next meetup.

On Thursday I took a trip to Southampton to meet up with my partner. We made our usual trip to Ikea, and I managed to get an outfit shot in one of the mirrors!
I decided to pair my macaron skirt with a waistcoat and I think the coordinate turned out pretty well. I wore a simple puff sleeved t-shirt, and another hair bow handmade by me. I'm hoping to launch an online hair accessory shop in the next few weeks so watch this space!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the hot weather (I've personally been hiding indoors!)
See you next time