Friday, 9 January 2015

Lolita Goals for 2015

I'm a bit late to the party with New Year related posts but here I am at last!
I thought I would go through both my personal hopes and wishes for lolita fashion this year. Let's start!

Metamorphose, 2002.

Get more old school items into my wardrobe.
Sweet lolita remains my favourite substyle, and the style that is the mainstay of my wardrobe. However, I find that I can't quite get to grips with the newer releases, in particular those of Angelic Pretty, which I feel has gone in a whole new direction aesthetics-wise. I prefer my oufits to maintain a feeling of simplicity; I find that even my most fancy coordinates never manage to be ott in any sense of the word! Thus, I've been looking at older releases, non print items, and old school accessories for inspiration for the direction I want to take my style.

Branch out with footwear.
Currently, I just seem to wear those Bodyline tea party style shoes for lolita, but I know there's a lot more out there I could try. It would be nice to vary things up a bit, rather than relying on the same style of shoe over and over again. I am interested in trying rocking horse shoes, but comfort will definitely come first in whatever new shoes I can find this year. I want them to be cute and loliable, but also practical for a whole day out and about somewhere.

Baby's ever-popular heart bag.
Buy a plain black bag!
Somehow I don't have a simple, completely plain black bag to match my lolita coordinates. I own two black bags, both with differing cream designs that can be very hard to coordinate with a lot of my wardrobe and probably weren't the best investment in the long run. I need a plain black bag! I always search but still haven't found one that is a good price and suits my style. I hope to find it this year!

Stop forgetting the wardrobe staples!
I could do with fleshing out my blouse and bolero collection. I am especially low on pink items, due to the fact I've gotten into a lazy habit of coordinating everything with black! I need to stop using dark colours as a crutch and make sure I can coordinate my main pieces in lots of different ways.

Photo by kleinertod
Visit Baby, The Stars Shine Bright in Paris!
I don't know if this is one I'll be able to pull off but I have been meaning to go to Paris for such a long time! I really want to visit Baby. I've never been to a brand shop before, and I feel as though it's a pilgrimage I need to make. I would be silly not to make the most of the closest lolita shop to me!

Make my own "main pieces" of lolita clothing.
During the two and a bit years I was doing my degree I didn't have nearly as much time as I would have liked to get any sewing done. In 2014 I was able to slowly progress from basic small accessories to bloomers. Next, I want to move to skirts and dresses, and make some of the old school pieces I am desperate to get into my wardrobe!

Have a stall at a lolita event.
This is an important one for me. I am passionate about my business and I am hoping that with hard work and determination, I will finally be able to sell my wares at a lolita event. Fingers crossed I can make this dream a reality! *runs off to do more sewing practice*

Did you make any lolita goals or resolutions for 2015? I'd love to hear about them! See you next time  


  1. I don't really have Lolita solutions rather than plans xD I plan to go to Paris this year again, visiting Japan Expo, Btssb and Axes Femme and I really hope that there will be Lolita events this year again :) During Japan Expo is always a good time to visit Paris because Btssb has sale :D

    Otherwise I want to make a Lolita panel or Tea Party at a convention, but I have to wait 1 month for my new work to find out if I have time to visit the convention ^^

    1. *not solutions, I meant goals ^^'''

    2. That is precisely when I want to visit Paris! I really hope I can get the money together. I had no idea they usually had a sale on then, so thanks for letting me know! Perhaps we could meet up if we're both there at the same time! :)

      That sounds like a good plan. I have never attended a large scale lolita Tea Party but they always look like a lot of fun!

    3. Yes it's the perfect time to visit Paris for Lolitas, especially if you are also interested in other Lolita events. Sometimes the french group organizes an event, last year they even had two. And also the brands (Btssb and AP) organize Tea Partys, but they announce it quite late (only 6-4 weeks in advance >_<). Only the weather is not Lolita-like but real Lolitas don't sweat anyway xD

      It would be amazing to meet you if you are there too ! ^___^

  2. Pilgrimage to a brand store... ¡PREACH IT! I'm sure most Lolitas feel the necessity of doing so. It is still not on my list because I don't have a job and traveling abroad sounds pretty much impossible for me (at least for now). Anyway, great post, very relatable. I also LOVE oldschool (especially the plain pink dresses with white lace and matching square headdress) and I have had my eyes on an Anna House piece for almost a year now. Who knows, maybe this will be the year. ;)

    1. Haha, I'm glad you liked the post! I think we all get that brand shop urge, even if we can't make actually visiting one happen! The photos and videos I've seen taken in them are just so dreamy I can't help but want to see one in person just once! I am currently job searching and if I can find employment by the summer then this pilgrimage is so happening! I hope you will be able to do some travelling soon, and that you will find the perfect job :)

      Yes, another old school fan! I just adore the striking contrast white lace creates. I suppose it really appeals to me as this sort of style was more commonplace when I was first getting into lolita, and there is something so timeless about it. Definitely worth working a few old school looks into your wardrobe if you can!

      Good luck on achieving your own lolita goals this year! Thanks for commenting <3