24/7 Lolita: Reality or Fantasy?

Sometime recently, someone began a thread on a facebook lolita discussion group about whether or not there was anyone who wore lolita fashion round the clock. Some people claimed they did, but mainly, people were very disbelieving that it was something anyone could do, or would want to do. 

Ribbon Rose Room Wear by Victorian Maiden. How lovely is this!?

I wouldn't be opposed to the idea myself. On my down days, I often feel as though lounging around the house in bland, sagging clothes can make me feel even more miserable than I would if I had something bright and cute to cheer myself up with. For such occasions, it is possible to find really adorable items (usually labelled as "roomwear" online) which are both comfortable and stylish. Perhaps that's something I should look into.

However, self proclaimed lifestyle lolita or not, there are always going to be occasions where you can't wear lolita. When I do land a job (which will most likely be office based), I will have to wear clothing which is "professional". Some people are lucky enough to work in environments where they can wear elegant classic pieces, or incorporate lolita items into their work outfits to create a look that is professional, and yet unmistakeably lolita-influenced. Some people even wear full lolita to their work place! I may not be that lucky, but it's fine-- more money, more brand at the end of the day! You work to earn a living, not to look cute (though if you can do both, you really are living the dream!) I expect 24/7 lolita would be easier for those who are unemployed, students, housewives or in a workplace with aforementioned lax uniform policies.

If we ignore the trouble that workplaces can cause in terms of disrupting this 24/7 lolita vision, then let's think about this in terms of only wearing lolita in one's free time.

Rabbit Apron by Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

In a separate thread, someone else claimed they did absolutely every one of their pass times in lolita, including cycling! I've sometimes thought about making or buying a cute apron I could wear over my lolita clothing for eating anything particularly messy, or when cooking. But somehow, there are still times when I don't even feel like putting on a dress. Do I really need to wear something that may get caught in the food, catch on something, get super messy, make me sweat more than something else etc for the sake of calling myself a 24/7 lolita? At those times, it wouldn't be worth it for me, and I would instead make workarounds. Something about spending the day, for example, in a cute cutsew and bloomers is appealing to me! In this way I would still be wearing something related to lolita, without it being impractical and uncomfortable.

3 Piece Night Set (2003) by Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. 
I must make myself something like this!

So, do I think 24/7 lolita is possible? Definitely. Is it something I can claim to take part in right now? Definitely not! Still, I figured it would be fun to come up with some ideas for a 24/7 lolita lifestyle, aimed at those who want to wear lolita or lolita inspired clothing in casual environments such as at home.

  • Get yourself some cute, comfortable roomwear! This is great for when you won't be leaving the house, and still want to feel dolled up!
  • Pretty nightgowns will make bedtime feel more whimsical! Sweeter lolitas may favour pastel colours and kawaii prints, whereas classic and gothic lolitas may feel more inspired by Victorian inspired gowns.
  • Have some cheaper items set aside for messier, less elegant days! Now is the time to lounge around in bargain brand items and old Bodyline pieces.
  • Bloomers make great pyjama shorts, and are perfect for days at home! You could get a longer pair for going outside and gardening if that's something you're into.
  • Think about dress cuts. Skirts sitting on your waist all day may not allow you to feel relaxed, so opt for jumperskirts with high waisted cuts so there's no pressure on your stomach.
  • Wear cute, lace topped or patterned ankle socks as opposed to plain ones!
  • Have a pair of slippers which suit your lolita style and will complete your "home" coordinate!

How do you feel about the idea of 24/7 lolitas? I'd love to hear what you think about it! Thanks for reading and I'll see you next time!  


  1. I read an interview to a 24/7 Lolita in a Lolita website a few months ago (in spanish) and this girl said that she wore it at her job and at home and that she used it in public transportation in busy hours. She also said that she had bought some civilian clothes but that it has been a waste of money for her since she only wears Lolita. There was a picture of her wardrobe and it looked like mainly classic pieces. I suppose some styles are relatively easier to wear daily than other, classic is, apparently, the most versatile and work-friendly of them all. I would love to have the kind of life that I could wear fancy Lolita clothes around the clock but it is not the case. Wardrobe size, weather and sometimes even laziness gets in the way of wearing Lolita. Maybe I would not wear Lolita 24/7 even if it was a social convention or requirement. But, hey, your ideas to wear Lolita at home are great. Once I read a girl who said that she wore Lolita everyday, not at work, but after. She would come home and change her clothes. Maybe I could try to do something similar when I come home from college but it feels like a lot of work to go through...

    1. Oh, that is awesome! I totally agree-- it is much easier to blend in when you wear more mature, classic pieces as these are more likely to have similar elements to mainstream clothing. I am not sure if you have heard of a girl named Fanny Rosie but her tumblr is worth checking out for inspiration on incorporating lolita items into a work wardrobe. I would quite like to be able to wear classic pieces to work one day but I don't know how well I would pull that off as I'm so used to sweet lolita! I'd be willing to give it a try, though XD

      I totally understand what you mean about weather and laziness! If it's extremely hot, for example, the last thing you want to deal with is all the layers that lolita coordinates usually consist of. And even if it's not really, it's easy to think of lolita as being way more effort than wearing something else! When I'm at home I'm usually in a t-shirt and some look fitting trousers! Not very kawaii XD

      I don't think I could ever wear a full lolita coordinate when simply lounging around at home, either, so I think I'd be more likely to try a bloomers and cutsew idea, or a loose fitting cute dress like the one pictured above. I think my main aim would be feeling cute whilst being comfortable, rather than trying to look like I'm a super coordinated lolita 100% of the time, haha!

      Thank you so much for your comment! It was lovely to hear your opinion on this topic :) <3

    2. In the second paragraph I was supposed to say "loose-fitting trousers". Oops XD

    3. OMG, you're so very lucky! I work in a machine shop, so I can't wear Lolita to work because of safety reasons. Also, working with coolants, oils and such- it could cause me more problems.
      I will note, however, if I was JUST a college student, I'd likely wear lolita every day because there aren't any real clothing guidelines(other than don't have your bosom out for all to see, although my BFF had a classmate come in with nothing but a sheer blouse for a top and you could totes see her nip nips through it- so I don't think the rules are very strict).
      If you want to wear Lolita every day, do it all day long!!! You're in college, and that's a great time! :)

      Me? I have to settle for fairy kei elements for work, I have pastel pink corduroy pants, for instance, which cleans quite well, among other things. :)

    4. Wow, I can imagine that the most practical clothes for such a job are definitely not going to be dresses! Your line of work does sound very interesting, though :)

      When I was still at uni I would wear lolita pretty often, although I got lazy about it at times because there were days I'd only be on campus for an hour and it seemed like a waste of an outfit! Nobody ever made any comments when I did wear lolita though, and it was just accepted as a normal thing so I was pretty lucky in that sense!

      I love that you are still able to incorporate some cuteness into your work clothing!

  2. I think this is a lovely post but I think you may be talking about me about the post about cycling ;u;
    I 100% don't wear lolita all the time I was talking about j-fashion and lolita inspired clothes which I think alot of people in the thread were confused about~

    either way a great post~ :') <3

    1. Haha yes, that part about cycling was inspired by one of your posts! :)

      I knew what you meant but others seemed a bit too ready to jump on you about potentially wearing lolita for everything XD The same thing happened in the other thread I referenced. I think a lot of people can't get over the fact that lolita might really be everyday clothing for some people, and are quick to ridicule it... which is a bit silly given that lolita is a "street fashion"!

      Casual j-fashion is a really good workaround for when you don't feel like wearing lolita, or can't for whatever reason. I like trying out pop kei inspired looks sometimes if I'm only leaving the house for something very brief!

      Glad you liked the post! <3