Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A fun picnic meetup!

Hey everyone! Apologies for not posting in a little while, but I've simply not had the time!

I thought I would do another meetup report, this time on an Oxford lolita meetup that happened on Sunday.
We decided to go for a picnic. Luna and Sammi organised a series of games for us to play such as lolita print bingo, and a pinata, and overall, it was a really funny meetup!

We set up camp under the shade of some big trees by a duck pond.

We had croissants, cocktail sausages, sausage rolls, grapes, strawberries and cream, fairy cakes (which were amazing), Doritos, couscous and sandwiches!

This lil ducky chilled out with us for a bit. She was rewarded with Doritos after we decided she was a "cool original" sort of duck.

James ended up in a tree in an attempt to set up the pinata so I gave him my camera so he could get some cool birds-eye view photos of us! Luna's dress makes me nostalgic as it's what she was wearing the first time we properly met! I decided to wear an Anna House blouse, Bodyline macaron print (because food theme!) and a handmade strawberry clip and handmade teapot earrings!

All of us waiting around for this bloody pinata to get it together! Despite Sammi having dried out the paper mache for days, it still had a weird gooey texture and didn't quite work out properly.

We each took turns to whack at this thing for so ages before finally deciding to just tear it open already!
My shoes weren't loli at all but I didn't have my black tea parties at my parents' house where I was staying. Oh well XD

After we were done with clearing up all the pinata mess, we went for a bit of a wander around the park, getting stopped for photos, and then going on a hunt for the toilets. We then headed for another shaded area to take group photos.

And here's all of us! We had a couple of newcomers and they were so lovely. Hopefully they'll come to more meets in future!

After this, we settled ourselves down once more so we could sample Nicola's chocolate cake.
It was delicious, of course! So far, Nicola's chocolate cake is the nicest I've tasted so far. I love that she doesn't overdo it with the chocolate so it's not overly rich or bitter. It's just perfect! I regret not asking to take some home with me!

After that we headed to the ice cream cafe to cool down. And then, the meet was over!

I had such a great day! Meetups are so much fun in hot weather because the days are longer, and there's so much more freedom when you can stay outside and be comfortable.

I hope you enjoyed this meetup report! Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment! ❤


  1. Your outfits are very cute and the cake looks delicious! (^^)

    1. Thank you so much! It really was :D

  2. Ahh you look so adorable!! I love your mint converse, so cute :D

    1. Aw, thank you dear! I'm glad you like them, even though they weren't the most loli choice ever, haha :)