Wednesday, 30 May 2018

🌸 Saint Aymes, the Cute Floral Café 🌸

This post will be about a day out that is hard to believe happened way back at the end of March! Where is this year going?

On Saturday 31st March I headed into London to meet up with Reina and Memz, to try out Saint Aymes, a café I'd been hearing a lot about due to its pretty decor and pastel desserts. It was a rainy day but was fairly mild, and the occasional bursts of sunlight made things feel atmospheric!

The café is situated fairly close to Paddington Station, in what we ended up describing as a "strange area." The place had a stuck-up, quiet air, and despite not exactly being far from central, it felt worlds away.

Once we'd all assembled at the café we were led downstairs to a further seating area and the friendly staff took our orders. We'd all come dressed in appropriately pastel, Easter themed outfits, and it only seemed right to try out the Easter cupcakes on offer!

All the choices looked heavenly and looking at this picture is making me want to go back!

Look at the little bunny ears peeping up through the grass frosting! This cake was super yummy!

Reina and Memz went for the little biscuits and they after sampling, I can confirm they were delicious, too. We also did a three way split of the pink unicorn latte which was... not the best, gold leaf, or no gold leaf!

Super cute, but underwhelming! We regretted adding the coffee and not simply enjoying it as a milkshake instead! I don't think any of us were that bothered, though, as the overall ambiance in the café was really quite lovely. On this day the playlist had lots of mid-noughties hits and generally fun music we found ourselves bobbing along to.

It was great to catch up with them and hear what was going on in their lives. I was recommended to try watching RuPaul's Drag Race. I've still not gotten round to it. After the hype about it everywhere and this huge build up, I guess I'm worried it won't live up to expectations!

I love this photo from Reina's phone! Reina went for super girly, almost hime gyaru look, and Memz went for her usual wacky style, coordinating pink with yellow most effortlessly.  I still have that habit of pretty much always wearing black but this was quite a pastel, different look for me, I think!

Naturally, we had to take some photos outside the café, too!

I accidentally ended up matching the flowers!

After we had our fill of photos, we headed off into central to areas with a less bizarre atmosphere... although I have to say, Dover Street Market was quite the experience for me. It was my first time going, and while it was super cool to see some designer brands in the flesh that I'd always admired online (Molly Goddard's pieces are so beautiful!), the overall vibe in there was incredibly odd. Our favourite find of the day was probably the short sleeved men's shirt made out of thick plastic bag material. Guess how much it was. I won't keep you hanging: £600. #fashion

Overall, I had a really lovely day, which was rounded off by a trip to Farm Girl café on Carnaby Street for the hipster staple that is avocado toast. Before we knew it, it was well into the evening-- which explained why we all felt so inexplicably exhausted!

I love days like this where you forget what time it is and can drift around merely enjoying one another's company. I'm looking forward to hanging out with them again, and trying more London cafés,  of which there is always something fun or unique to choose from!

Thank you so much for reading this Easter throwback post! Have you had any fun experiences recently at themed cafés? Ever found strange designer items that looked like they were made in a primary school art class? I'd love to hear about it!

See you next time!