Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Coat Review: Btssb's Teddy Ribbon

My search for a new lolita coat proved to be a lot more dramatic than I was anticipating. I stalked the comm_sales for weeks and looked on every lolita website I could think of, and I still couldn't find anything that I both liked, and thought would actually keep me warm.

I finally got a break mid October, when a gorgeous pink coat came up on the comm_sales-- the Teddy Ribbon Coat by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright! Yes!!!

I really wanted something that was sweet but not over the top, and didn't have white faux fur all over it like a lot of sweet lolita coats I've seen. To me, this coat looked adorable and yet fairly simple and understated.

When it arrived it was just as gorgeous as I hoped it would be!

It actually has two pockets, behind the ribbons on the sides! It is heavy and has kept me warm in 3 degrees Celsius weather! I'm sure it could handle freezing temperatures though without too much layering.

The coat is really soft and lovely to the touch, and is heavy. It's really well constructed.

I love the asymmetrical collar! It buttons in place with a little plastic popper. The lace is thick and sturdy.

The ribbons themselves are so gorgeous! They have a checkered texture and are thick and high quality. The ones by the pockets are not detachable but the one of the back is (and I have detached it because it didn't really serve any purpose and I was worried it would get lost hahaha!)

Another thing I'm really fond of is the secret plastic poppers! Despite the fact the coat's buttons stop halfway, you can still seal the coat from flapping open with these hidden buttons. Pretty nifty stuff.

And here's a photo of me decidedly not making use of the nifty buttons! Unfortunately my legs aren't in the picture but the length of the coat is amazing. I'm 5'6" but it hits nearly below my knees and covers the entirety of my dress/skirt. Brilliant!

What has your experience been like with finding the perfect lolita winter coat? 


  1. Really lovely coat! I think the collar is my favourite bit. You look adorable in it =]

    1. Thank you so much! I'm really fond the collar, too-- I never seem to see any like it :)