Friday, 21 June 2013

Bodyline Review: Jacket L502 and Cutsew L146

Hey everyone! I managed to survive my end-of-term exams, and I'm currently on my summer holidays so I can get back to blogging again!

This week, after waiting around for my package which was apparently stuck at the Langley HWDC, and paying a customs fee (grrr...) I finally received it! I only got two items this time.

First off, the black jacket.
I love this! It's much better quality than I'd been expecting. The fabric has a nice soft, yet very sturdy and with a smooth feel to it, plus the small amount of lace trim used is thick cotton. I normally buy Bodyline items in size M but I opted for 2L with this one, so that if I wanted to wear layers underneath I could. 

The buttons have a fabric layer to blend into the rest of the jacket, and there are two bows going up the front to add a little extra cuteness. The back of the jacket also has one of these bows.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with this jacket! I think the blazer style is really flattering, and adds a classy touch to any outfit.

Next up, the pink cutsew.
I thought the cutsew was cute at a first glance until I began to pick up on a couple of details that bothered me.

What is going on with the random cream lace? It doesn't go with any of the other white lace, and ends up making the cutsew look like it's dirty. The lace along the collar seemed pretty unnecessary to me, too. I decided to do away with both of these dodgy details.

Much better, don't you think? It was all a bit too much for me before, but I find it to be more wearable this way. The fabric feels super soft, and it's nice and loose on me (I went for size 2L on this item, too, so I would have lots of breathing space if I wanted to wear it on a really hot day).

The sleeves have just the right amount of puff, and cute pintuck details. There's a little bow on each sleeve, same as the ones used around the collar and they're very well made. I found the fit just right for me with a max arm circumference of 27cm, but if you have bigger arms, you will not fit this cutsew. The sleeves have no give whatsoever.

I'm looking forward to wearing this cutsew, paired with a skirt on a hot summer's day.

Thanks for looking! 


  1. That jacket looks adorable! I totally agree about the cutsew sleeves. Mine cut in to my arms. I clearly need to do some arm toning exercises! XD

    1. Thanks, it really is! :)
      I really expected the sleeves to have some stretch, but I guess I should be used to this from Bodyline by now. I have one of their playsuit/romper things that makes me feel like I've lost blood circulation to my thighs! Seems like we both have workouts to be doing XD