Wednesday, 7 September 2016

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to πŸŽ‚

Yesterday, I turned twenty-three. It feels a little surreal to be this age-- probably because so much of my life has been shared online and I distinctly remember having a blog and turning seventeen! This definitely isn't a "where did all those years go!?" moment because that time actually dragged rather a lot, but even so... twenty-three sounds awfully grown up.

My parents are currently away on holiday together, so I had to leave it to people outside of my family to feel those happy birthday vibes. On Saturday I met up with the usual suspects and we had a really fun day out together. It was the day of my homtown's Pride event, so there were many flags in varying rainbow stripes being waved around, lots of colourful outfits being worn, and much celebration and cheer.
I missed the parade as I ran late into town after a bit of a wardrobe crisis, but I saw the tail end of it as I arrived to meet my friends at the train station. 

We decided to try out a new restaurant called Bolan Thai, which is upstairs in a small, quiet shopping arcade. The staff were nice and the food we got was absolutely amazing. I was especially into the starters/side dishes of satays, and coconut rice, which was so rich and buttery and delightful!
The atmosphere was very relaxed, and even though the place wasn't empty, we felt very much at ease and like we had a fair amount of privacy at our table. They did not rush us to pay the bill or even seem bothered about how long we were sat there for which made such a lovely change from many of the other restaurants we've been to. I would definitely have food at this place again!

After eating our fill of some amazing food, we decided to head over to the Pride festival. It was a little disappointing in terms of content (mainly fairground rides blasting out music far too loudly, some stalls and one or two food vendors) but the LGBT talks on the main stage were interesting. I'd like to go to Pride another year specifically for the talks and joining groups etc, as it's not really a "browsing on a whim" sort of event.

After our walk around the festival, we decided to take some pictures by the river. From here we could hear a singer back at the festival taking to the stage to sing a very questionable rendition of "Teenage Dirtbag". It was distracting to say the least, but we got our pictures done, and not a moment too soon as it suddenly began to pour with rain. We rushed off to the train station, the location of a highly regarded dessert parlour. We each got ice creams and sat talking for a while, until I eventually said that the tension was killing me and I wanted to see what they'd bought me! 
I was gifted a macaron print umbrella, a lap throw, and a super soft and snuggly macaron cushion! I am super excited to have these items to brighten things up when the bad weather eventually comes. Look how lovely and vibrant that cushion is!

We went off in search of Starbucks in order to use up some drinks vouchers, but the pouring rain meant that the coffee shops were all full to bursting, so we gave up and made our way to the pub instead. We sat around having drinks, sharing a couple bowls of chips, all of us feeling tired after a long day! We decided to get a jug of water for our table and were instead presented with a single glass.
Naturally, we had to take the piss out of this moment.

All too soon it was time for us to head home!
πŸŽ‚   πŸŽ‚   πŸŽ‚

The day of my actual birthday got off to a very early start as I had a job interview first thing that morning. I put on a simple suit (which included a black Bodyline blazer, haha) and set off for the long bus journey. I was interviewed by a panel of three people, then shown around the workplace. I got on with everyone pretty well and felt that I'd really given it my all.

Afterwards, I met up with my partner, grabbed a McDonald's Happy Meal (I was so hungry by this point as the interview started late, and then I got showed round for ages, then had to get my proof of ID documents copied... most of the morning gone!) and went home. My parents called me from Jamaica to wish me a happy birthday, and we chatted for about ten minutes about my job interview, how their holiday was going, and if I was OK with them getting me a t-shirt as a souvenir even though it wasn't really my style! (I told them I definitely want the t-shirt!) I changed out of my interview clothes and into a simple old school coordinate, before it was finally time to open my presents! Many of them were super cute old school accessories, two of which I had to wear immediately!  After that, the cake!
I hope it's not breaking the rules, but I actually made several wishes when I blew out the candles! I am already on my way to working towards some of my personal/life goals so hopefully I can make them come true!

We decided to head back into town for a wander around. Sadly, my birthday was mainly overcast and humid, so we were constantly feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. Still, we remained in good spirits, and enjoyed catching up after not having had the chance to since Hyper Japan.
We checked out a couple of record shops. Nothing caught my eye, but my partner found something they wanted at each one, so I decided to treat them as the prices were cheap. They joked with me that it's not customary for the birthday girl to buy other people presents!

After a little shopping, we decided to get some nice pictures of my outfit. 
This outfit is so basic but I can't help but love how I look every time I wear this jumperskirt!

I decided to pay the ice cream place another visit so we headed there next. I had the same as last time, a strawberry ice cream cone. We stayed chatting about current affairs and house prices (truly, I am aging) for a little while, had one last wander around the shops, and finally said our goodbyes.

I had such an amazing time celebrating my 23rd birthday, and it completely made up for last year where my birthday didn't get celebrated at all. At the time I convinced myself it was fine, but it wasn't. I deserve to feel happy and important on my birthday! This year, it was wonderful to get two different days out where I felt festive and loved, and I feel so much better for it. Here's to being twenty-three!

I'm going to end with what is, without question, my favourite Instax picture so far.
Thank you so much for reading, and I'll see you next time! 


  1. I know exactly what you mean about having a nice birthday celebration after not having one or having a rubbish one the year before. My birthday is in early January, so I've always suffered from things like people being broke after Christmas and/or not being able to make it after using up time off, or with my birthday being in between me being home and going back to uni. But now that I'm an adult I think I'll make more active effort to get something going, even if it's just a meal out, because that's always better than not having anything at all. As you said, you deserve to feel happy on your birthday.

    I really like that second coord - the red really pops and adds so much interest to the whole outfit. :)

    1. Ah, I can imagine that's an awkward time of year for a birthday to fall! I always feel for those whose birthdays fall around Christmas (or even on the day itself!)
      I think even a simple celebration makes all the difference, and I hope you will plan something for your birthday when it comes round, even if it doesn't happen on the actual day of your birthday.

      Thank you so much! ^_^

  2. After last year, I am so glad you felt you celebrated your birthday more this year, and that you enjoyed yourself! I had such a great time on Saturday. I have always been one of these people that really loves to celebrate birthdays and I agree- you do deserve to feel happy and important on your birthday! Got to admit- I was actually getting cushion envy after you took it out! Sammi and I were messaging each other about which cushion and blanket designs we felt looked the cutest. And of course, they had to be pink!

    1. I've always admired the way you try to make each and every one of your birthdays special in some way, and it's definitely something I knew I had to aim for after last year's letdown.

      I'm pleased you enjoyed yourself! It seemed like we managed to see and do so much more than usual on Saturday! It's amazing just how much time there is in a day when you don't spend the entire thing in the pub, haha. I'm looking forward to whatever we get up to next, and already want to start planning for Halloween!

      I wasn't expecting it to be so puffy and soft! It's lovely *_*

  3. I love this coord, the red accents set it off beautifully. It may be simple, but it's perfect! It must have been a wrench having an interview on your birthday, but well done and I'm crossing my fingers for the outcome. It's good you were able to celebrate your birthday properly this year. Mine was terrible, and I'm working out how to let my partner know how I feel about it. I think sometimes people just don't pay enough attention to these things and don't realise how can affect you.

    1. Thank you very much! I'm so glad you like it ^_^
      The job interview was certainly a bizarre start to the day but it didn't affect my day very much as I knew I smashed it, haha. Shame the job has turned out to be pretty dire but that's a story for another day!

      I'm sorry you had an awful time. No one should have to feel like that on their birthday. Just tell them directly that it was a horrid experience for you and the lack of care that went into the day hurt you. It's good to make sure you're on the same page with these things. Perhaps they aren't bothered about birthdays-- but if you are, then effort needs to be made towards yours at the very least!

    2. Oh no, that's a shame – I hope you find something more suitable soon. Jobs are strange things, often we tell ourselves we want the job more than we do, because we worry that we won't find something else. It will be good experience at least, and maybe it will get better.

      I took your advice, and he's away at the moment, but apologised and I will have a pretend birthday in October! You're right about some people not seeing them as a big deal, but it's the one day of the year that you should definitely feel special.

      I saw that you went to the Otome sewing group, it's a shame I couldn't go this time! Hopefully we'll both end up at one at some point. Did you have a nice time? Your felt cake was very sweet!

    3. It's an easy mindset to end up in because it can be so difficult to find work, particularly when you're like me and have very much struggled to gain any experience in the field you actually want to go into. I'm hoping I will at least be able to make some useful connections and eventually end up where I want to be! Fingers crossed.

      That's a nice idea! I'm glad to know you will definitely get the celebration you wanted, and I hope you'll really enjoy yourselves ^_^

      It was a pleasant day out that was sorely needed! And thank you! I'm excited to make some more!