Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Libellules et Papillons

I met up with my friends on Saturday after not seeing them in what felt like ages. 

The week leading up to this gathering, I suffered with bouts of that pesky ghoul we call fatigue, and on Saturday morning I wondered if I would have the energy to get out of bed. Thankfully, I felt much better after a shower and some breakfast.

I met my friends in town at the fabric shop, which didn't have the lace I was looking for as per usual. We all left empty-handed, actually, before deciding to have lunch at Nando's. The restaurant was fairly quiet so I figured the service would be good, and it was. Our food came out quickly and was nicely made. Because we were in one of the smaller restaurants of the chain, it did feel rather like we needed to hurry up and leave. Although the food was really nice, I do prefer places where you can stay as long as you want and not feel the staff are desperately waiting for the chance to clear your table. I think this is why I like pubs so much. You often find people in there who look as though they've been there for days!

After eating, we headed to our new favourite riverside area to take some photos. On our way there, we passed a world culture festival happening in the town centre. Truly, it seems like there is always some sort of event happening when we meet up these days and it's kind of exciting because we never know quite what we're going to stumble upon. There was a band performing a song whose lyrics were a refrain of "Hare Krishna! Hare Krishna!" with an atmospheric drumming accompaniment. There were people in different national dress, representing their respective home countries, with different food stands and floats gathered together. 

We finally made it to our little grass area, where we struggled a bit with the constantly changing light levels, but we got our pictures sorted out in the end. There were a few uncomfortable moments when an old man walked slowly by and kept stopping to gawp at us, even pretending to read a sign so he could linger a little longer. At times like these we find ourselves wondering whether or not our clothes are really that outlandish. We don't think they are. But perhaps we've become desensitised to how strange alt fashion looks to outsiders after all these years!

I took one look at the roses and knew it would be the perfect photo op for Luna, whose lovely red skirt shared similar tones. I must admit I'm rather proud of my photography here!

Sammi went for a casual, chocolate-themed coordinate as ever! I am very much in love with her boots, and definitely need a nice comfy loliable pair for myself for rainy days.

I wore Bodyline's Lovely Poodle skirt. I love this print because it's an unusal pinkish-brown and photographs as the gorgeous purple shade I use for my blog theme! If I look a little awkward here, it's because I was posing on a slope that was a little difficult to balance on.

We were joined by gorgeous shimmery dragonflies and vibrant butterflies, flitting around and enjoying the sunshine. 
We loved this blue dragonfly, and found ourselves chasing after it in an attempt to get a photo before it took off again! The most interesting one we've seen so far is an all black one, with fluttery, feather-like wings. We love you, goth dragonfly, wherever you are.

Look at this little guy! I believe it's a Red Admiral.

Photoshoot complete, we headed to the pub for dessert. I wasn't in the mood for their chocolate fudge cake, and decided to try their knickerbocker glory sundae. 
It was a mistake on my part, as it turned out to be nothing more than a basic ice-cream, with squirty cream, strawberry sauce, and a couple pieces of fruit thrown in. I most definitely would have enjoyed the cake more, even if I do find it a little sickly. Truly, I was in the mood for a good cocktail but I've been too paranoid since the ILD aftermath in which I seemed to suffer an allergic reaction and got very ill in the middle of the night. Oh well. I couldn't have bought one even if I wanted to as I had no ID on me anyhow, seeing as I have sent off my driving licence to have the photo changed (my previous one looked nothing like me, and I've had to convince people that yes, it is a picture of me, on multiple ID-ing occasions). I made do with an Appletiser, and water I'd brought with me! It poured with rain for a little while outside, and got dark noticeably earlier than usual. You know what that means? Winter is coming (dun dun duuuun).

We decided to wrap things up a little into the evening, and while they headed to the train station, I headed off to catch my bus home. 

I think I'll end this post with the shoe shot that Luna insisted we take, as it harks back to the days of meetup reports on egl!

It was nice to get out of the house, even if nothing we did was particularly ground-breaking. I'll be seeing them again soon to celebrate my birthday next month! I must plan something properly instead of being so last-minute as usual!

So, what have you been up to this month? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments! See you next time 


  1. I am so glad to see you got a picture of Gary's blue chum, seeing as it flew off before I got a chance! XD And I love the photo of me with the rose. I still stand by my opinion that the shoe shot was a good idea! Ahh... sweet nostalgia...

    I can't get over how bad that sundae was. It is so easy to make a good sundae. How on earth do you screw that up!? When you were eating it I remember thinking that jelly at the bottom looked gross. And the fruit looked like they literally opened a tin and chucked it in. At least we know the fudge cake is great.

    I am looking forward to meeting up for your birthday! I will have a look online to see if anything is going on that weekend, although just casually meeting up is always fun with you guys anyway!

    1. I had to take that photo from a little distance away, as every time I got close, it flew away! I'm really glad you like it ^_^ I enjoy those shoe shots, too! I constantly feel nostalgic for the lolita community of days gone by-- you know this! I occasionally have to go back and look at that super old egl meetup report featuring those girls in Oxford. It's so old school and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

      I know! I thought that a simple dessert would be a safe option, but it was so underwhelming, and it melted everywhere. It was one of those rare occasions I missed the Mitre and its Eton Mess sundae! I'm getting a bit sick of the Outlook in all honesty as it's really lacking in food and drink options, not to mention that guy at the bar who makes us all really uncomfortable, haha!

      I'm glad to hear it ❤ Even if all we do is go out for food and drinks, it will be nice to spend the day with you guys. I just know that it's Pride that weekend, so there should be all sorts happening as the parade goes right through the town centre 🌈

  2. You can't really go wrong with a nice shoe shot. Shame about the dessert not living up to the expectations, but in good company even that turns into a minor thing.

    This month? Well, most of it has been dedicated to planning and executing things for TPC's Wicked and Whimsy - I wish I could say that I crafted something, but I didn't, I just assemblied things and am now at the stage of preparing to pack. I try to keep my to do list realistic since as of Monday I've been back at work after summer holidays, so I don't usually have enough energy to do much in the evening, but so far so good. Just need to air my dresses and wax my legs tomorrow (maybe I could wax whilst watching The Great British Bake Off, eek, so exciting!), Thursday evening will be nails and packing most of the things, and then Friday I'm off to London. Where did the time fly, how can it be nearly there already?! O_O

    1. Haha, agreed! And that's very true-- a very small inconvenience when you've had a good day otherwise.

      It feels so strange to me to not be in the outfit-planning whirlwind that I usually am at this time of year! I remember the run up to last year's event being particularly stressful for me as so many things went wrong, haha! I'm glad you hear you've got everything on track. I've never actually waxed my legs before (only shaved or used hair removal cream) so it didn't occur to me that it was something that could be done while watching TV! I seem to be one of the few people who finds Bake Off a massive bore.
      The time always seems to fly in the week leading up to any big event, but I'm sure things will come together, and you'll have a fabulous time! ^_^

    2. I don't like waxing my legs myself, it's a necessary evil, but unless it's a very engaging TV show/film, you only need to occasionally look up as you're waxing. Makes it feel like it drags a lot less :P
      Fingers crossed. It's my first event and I'll be volunteering as well. I hope I haven't taken on too much on myself. :P

    3. That makes sense. I find I break up a lot of the more tedious tasks by listening to music while I complete them!
      You'll be OK, and I expect the volunteering aspect will actually help you relax in a way, as you'll have things to be focused on, and will get to make some new friends by chatting to the people you're doing it with ^_^

  3. Gosh I so know how frustrating it's when restaurant staff is hurrying you off.. we just wanted to enjoy our lunch and the waiter/owner was going around our table, clearly wanting us away. >:(

    Omg you get pictures of butterfly! They're so lovely but so fast to get away. The dessert looks so cute, it's sad it wasn't that tasty. :/ Everyone of you looked so cute!

    1. Exactly! You just want to enjoy your meal, have a chat and relax with people but instead you feel as though you have to leave as quickly as possible >.< Earlier in the year we went for afternoon tea at a really pretty hotel, and the food was great-- but the staff made us feel so unwelcome and uncomfortable, constantly asking us when we were going to pay even though we hadn't been there for very long, so we won't be going there again!

      Haha, it was very challenging! I had to stand at a distance and use the zoom on my camera because every time I got near, it flew to a different leaf!

      Thank you so much for the lovely compliment! ❤

  4. I actualky made my account name after the butterfly(it is in fact my favorite butterfly). Vanessa Atalanta is latin name for it.
    Shoes photos was just a thing in the past, I remember to do it with classmates, flashed out our sneakers.

    1. What a funny coincidence! I think that's really lovely choice for username.

      Haha yep, it's just one of those things that used to be really popular for whatever reason! I must admit, I do find it very fun even if it's a little silly!

    2. It actually sounds like a real name. But a few times people think I am American, to them I am not and my nationality is apperantly something people don't think existing.

      Another popular version was pencils in aranged in a rainbow. It was easier to do than food pictures or selfies.

  5. I hope you're feeling ok now. Fatigue can be so debilitating. I missed you at Wicked and Whimsy! For some reason I assumed you guys were going, and didn't think to ask on the comm page. It's really fun to see your coord shots and it looks like you had fun. As for that old man – that is very weird, but quite funny. Oxford does seem to attract strange tourists. I haven't had a chance to read blogs for ages as I've been busy, so it's nice to finally catch up with them.

    1. I'm feeling a lot better, thank you! It really can. I hate that heavy-limbed feeling, and struggling just to sit up >.<

      I've got lolita community burnout, to be honest, and just needed some space away from meetups and events for a while, after being so heavily involved for years and having both good experiences and bad. I haven't been to Oxford since March, actually! This was in Reading.

      Blogs always feel like "coming home" to me ^_^

    2. That's fair enough, I can understand wanting space! I'm sorry you've had some bad experiences though. I feel like comm meets are "mixers" of a sort, and once you have made some good friendships, you don't need to go to them anymore. I'm not at that stage yet, but I still feel fairly new to the scene.

      It's too easy to get sucked into facebook/instagram etc, because it is so quick to look at, and not visit blogs, even when blogs are so much more interesting! But in a way I like that, because not as many people are on the same platform so it feels like a nice respite.