🌷 A Rose-Scented Weekend 🌷

On Saturday I went on a little outing with the usual crew. We decided to change our itinerary up a little, as usually we find ourselves just sat in the pub all day.

The first stop was Boots, so Luna could pick up a bottle of YSL's Black Opium, which she had fallen in love with after she'd received a tester for it. I really loved the recent post she did about matching fragrances to outfits, and in the time since reading it have felt inspired to finally do what I had been putting off for ages and get myself a new perfume! I'd been wearing the same one on and off since my mid-teens, the rather out-there Youth Dew by EstΓ©e Lauder, and decided I needed something totally different to change things up, as that one was very influenced by the suggestions of someone else, as opposed to being a scent that felt very "me". Until this point, I mainly relied on using shower gels (particularly Molton Brown's, which I look forward to receiving from my mum every Christmas!) and bath products with scents I liked to get my fragrance kicks.

I decided I wanted to try something soft, floral, and gentle, as I'm rather into the smell of roses. Something about it feels calming and nostalgic somehow. With this in mind, I figured a rose perfume would be the perfect solution, and I'd heard good things about a particular one.

We went into The Body Shop so I could try out their new British Rose fragrance. I really liked it on the tester card, and decided to spray it on myself and see how it fared over the course of the day before making a decision. From the first spritz, I got a wave of super fresh top notes, which immediately began to settle into something pleasantly floral and rosy, and just a touch of sweetness. A promising start!

We had just emerged from the shopping centre when we were presented with the most bizarre scene-- a moving float of a woman, being pushed along by someone inside, and flanked by a girl holding a sign, and a woman wearing what I can only assume was an attempt at "mystical", stereotypical fortune-teller garb, and brandishing an umbrella.
We took pictures of the display and were about to leave when we found ourselves being addressed by the mystic lady, who complimented our outfits, and wanted us to take part in her interactive art installation. 
What happened next was totally bizarre. After explaining that the float was named Arabella in a terrible approximation of a French accent, she pulled out a small wooden box and instructed whoever was bravest to open it. Sammi opened the box, and inside was a safety pin and a key. We were instructed to take them, so Sammi took the key, and I the safety pin. The three of us were then ushered underneath the "skirt" of the moving sculpture. Inside was the man who had been pushing it along. He quickly ran out and around to the other side. Under the skirt was split into two compartments, with a small gap in between for someone's head to fit through. The man who'd darted out previously suddenly emerged on the other side of the space, with a sheer scarf draped over his head in what was obviously supposed to be a mysterious way.              

What followed was something akin to a strange confessional-- only, rather than sharing our sins with a priest, we were told to make a wish on the key, and pin it to the drapes to the right of us. While we completed this task, spooky dude took a picture of us. We thought it was all over, when we were suddenly told that we needed to take a cherry from the bucket on the floor before leaving.

After finally escaping the strange booth and trying to avoid people taking pictures of us on the outside of it (they seemed to think we were part of this spectacle) we disposed of our cherries and wandered off down the street, totally incredulous and laughing as we tried to figure out if we were awake or not.

Before heading into the pub, we crossed the road on a whim and found ourselves in a secluded riverside area just by the local historical abbey ruins, which were surrounded by locked gates. It's a shame they've been closed for so long as I really enjoy looking at these sorts of landmarks. Still, the area beyond it made a nice photo spot and we made the most of it, while battling against the ever changing weather.
The Abbey Ruins make for a really interesting touristic spot.

Luna went for Meta's Candy Star Rabbit, making her own royal blue star accessories to match it.

Sammi went for AP's Dreaming Macaron (one of my favourite prints!) and focused on bringing out the yellow.

I was really happy with the way my coordinate turned out! I think it's by far my best Alice's Ribbon Kingdom outfit so far, which I think is an achievement seeing as I have worn it so many times. I think bringing out the pink in it brought a new feeling to the dress, and I felt sweeter than usual wearing it!
Not even mine and James' combined efforts could get the framing on my Instax 210 to cooperate on this occasion... and yet I still really enjoy this photo. I love the slightly off colours, and huge contrast between us and the background, the vivid roses, and the lack of crispness that gives these pictures a dreamy quality. 

Our pub experience was disappointing. We each ordered burgers (the other three went for some kind of hog roast thing, and I went for a veggie burger) and they were all pretty terrible. I specifically asked for no mayonnaise and my burger came slathered with the stuff (which, notably, was an orangey colour), so I ended up not eating the buns at all, and leaving all the gooey lettuce behind. 
The patty itself was pretty awful. The centre oozed melted cheese which was OK, as were the beans that had been used to form the "meat", but the nacho coating of the burger made everything taste unnecessarily starchy. The side of coleslaw was quite frankly disgusting, and by this point I wasn't even in the mood for the chips, which I nibbled rather unenthusiastically. Definitely the worst pub meal I've ever ordered, which was unexpected as I've had pretty OK meals at this particular one before.
Thankfully, the chocolate fudge cake was reliably lovely, though I left a little behind as I was finding it too sickly towards the end, as I often do with chocolate things.

We broke our bar habit and instead went back into the shopping centre. We took a second trip to The Body Shop for my benefit, as I'd decided for certain that British Rose was for me, and treated myself to a bottle. After that, we wandered around the shops, eventually finding ourselves sat outside a CafΓ© Nero. We chatted and even at 8 o'clock, when we decided to head home, the sun was out and it was super bright outside. That's one thing I love about this time of year. The days feel so long and loaded with opportunity. I always miss that vitality in the dead of winter, when the sky starts to darken at 3pm. 

The following day was a lazy one, spent editing photos, and talking about this and that online with my friends and my partner, who totally wants to be in our gang. I was in a really wonderful mood, having resolved a misunderstanding with my friend the night before, and waking up with a newfound sense of hope about a personal situation that previously had me very worried. Sometimes, all you need to hear is that people are there for you-- not just when things are fun and perfect, but when they're serious and deep, too.
I couldn't help spritzing myself with my new perfume periodically to round off my lovely weekend, feeling rather cheerful and lost in my own soft, floral bubble. Both the sillage and longevity of this perfume aren't up to much, which is both a blessing and a curse. I dislike the feeling of overwhelm I get from a particularly heavy eau de parfum and personally hate when I'm out and about and my nostrils are assaulted by someone's excessively applied fragrance. I really don't want to be that person! Still, an eau de toilette requires constant re-applying, and while I enjoy the fresh blasts I get from these sessions, it does mean I will definitely get through this bottle very quickly, seeing as I'm using it more like a body spray. In terms of how it relates to my lolita lifestyle, I find that despite it not being what one might consider a "sweet" themed scent, its prettiness, romance, and femininity definitely add a dimension to that feeling of completeness when I put together an equally whimsical coordinate, and I think it matches my style perfectly. I think I will really enjoy wearing this perfume on days when I don't dress up, as it's an easy way of getting into that lolita mindset even during the most mundane occasions spent in comfy house clothes. I am thinking of trying the complementary British Rose shower gel next, to see if it adds some rose magic to my shower time, too!

I do feel as though perfume in general is something I could seriously get into as a hobby of sorts, and I totally blame Luna for re-igniting that flame, which has found me browsing perfume forums and watching perfume-related YouTube videos obsessively!

If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading! My finishing questions for you today are: Have you ever had any bizarre experiences like our wish-making session under Arabella's skirt!? Are you into perfumes and bath products? Do tell me your favourite ones! See you next time 


  1. Definitely the most bizarre thing I've ever read happening to anyone. oO I haven't had anything like that, whether in Lolita or not, it's usually your regular assortment of stares and questions when in Lolita and nothing exciting when out of it. I wonder what was the point of all them shenanigans.

    I might have to try British Rose out - ever since I ran out of my (discontinued) Yves Saint Rocher's Rose Absolute I need a rose fragrance back in my assortment. And since O2 Priority gives me something like 30% off in store, I have to at least give it a go. Though shame that they don't have it as eau de parfum, as I do prefer long-lasting fragrances. But scented bath stuff is the absolute best! I could use Lush's Snow Fairy all year round, I just adore that sweet smell. I wish they did more products with that kind of smell, like maybe a body mist or something. <3


    1. Trust me, it was even more bizarre in person, and I still can't figure out what the purpose of it was! I'm assuming it's just for "art", and goodness knows absolutely anything can be considered art XD

      It always sucks when something you love is discontinued. That is such a good discount, so it's definitely worth going in and seeing what's what! Yeah, it's a shame that option isn't there as I definitely see the appeal of something longer lasting. At the very least, British Rose truly smells divine (in my opinion, anyway!) I think I'll get around the obvious downsides of the eau de toilette by carrying a travel perfume bottle of it so I can top things up when I feel I need a rosy boost during a day out.

      Isn't it just? It always feels like a real treat to bathe in something that smells gorgeous. I hope you will be able to find the sweet body mist you desire. Just keep looking and I'm sure you will stumble upon something ^_^

      Thank you so much for commenting! <3

  2. I am so glad you liked my blog post! :D Plus we both got a lovely perfume, so I think this was quite a successful shopping mission!

    I keep looking at your picture of Arabella glaring right at us... If I were to sum up that experience in one word it would be Disturbing with a capital 'D'. I don't think I will ever forget the moment where we got invited under her skirt. I thought I had misheard her and I think we were all wondering what we had gotten ourselves in to. Never again!!!!

    Ha ha come be a perfume freak with me! I am just glad I now have a companion to discuss perfume with! And I am more than happy for your partner to join our circle! :D

    1. Definitely! I felt so accomplished afterwards :)

      I was both intrigued but also really uncomfortable at the same time!? It would have been a lot less awkward if someone had given us a little explanation of what they were doing beforehand, because then we'd have understood that it was just performance art, and nothing legitimately bad or scary was going to happen! Next time, we say "thanks" if someone doing some kind of street show compliments us, and move swiftly along! Still, I'm semi-glad we didn't do that on this occasion as we got a great story out of it!

      Haha it's already happened! I'd totally be up for some in-depth perfume discussions! As my mum works in close proximity to perfumes she's always been able to set me up with various free samples of new fragrances. I'll see if I can get some for us to analyse!

      That would be really nice <3