Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Fast Food and Fun Frolics

On Saturday, I met up with my friends in the hopes of checking out this local "beach" that had been set up right by the train station. It was a really hot day, so the idea of hanging out by a tacky, makeshift seaside was actually quite appealing. Despite the very enticing wording of the online advertising, the real life beach scene wasn't quite up to par, somehow.

"The Beach" was even more budget than expected, with an underwhelming dusting of sand on a green mat, and a load of fairground stall vendors looking thoroughly depressed as nobody bought anything. I sure know that feeling.

I think my favourite thing about The Beach was the picturesque views one could find, such as this charming multi-storey car park. Truly, I felt like I was in tropical paradise.

After surveying the scene with much incredulity, we headed into the town centre. Initially, we'd wanted to go for a meal in Nando's but of course, whenever the weather is really good in England, it means that all the restaurants are totally packed with people. I suppose the sunshine causes people to want to head into town and have a day out. We checked out both branches of the chicken-focused chain, and both seemed full to the brim. There were the odd seats available, but I know better than to go for a meal in a busy restaurant, seeing as the quality of the food tends to suffer as a result of it. On a whim, I said "Should we just go to McDonald's?" and everyone was very much up for the idea. So we headed for the golden arches and got ourselves some food.

We headed over to the grassy area next to the abbey ruins we'd taken  pictures next to the last time we met up, and enjoyed a pleasant fast food picnic together.

I got a burger, drink, and most importantly, a McFlurry. It was pure bliss on such a hot day.

We were celebrating Luna's birthday, which happened a couple of days prior, so presents were exchanged. I gave her a pair of pink bloomers from my brand, and Sammi gave her a hand embroidered budgie brooch.

Since getting her pet budgies, she has been positive bird-mad lately and it's really adorable to witness.

I also gave Luna a pack of perfume samples, and a travel perfume atomiser. The samples were fun to try out for the most part, except for one which I had tried in the past and had a really bad experience with. "Be careful with that one," I said, "It smells really terrible-- on me, at least." 
In the end, I managed to convince Sammi to try out the perfume. She sprayed a hearty spritz on her arm and all was seemingly all right for a split second-- until the heart notes of the perfume played out on her skin. Her reaction was priceless. "Urghh!!! This is so bad!!!" She then attempted to get rid of the smell by pouring hand sanitizer on it. This did not work.
"Great-- now I smell of hand gel and death."

I'm going to have to heartily disagree with the romantic description of the scent. It's interesting because the perfume doesn't smell particularly lethal by itself, but once it comes into contact with skin, it turns into, well, death. I've searched for reviews of this perfume and so many people really love it. It's funny just how differently we each react to smells, tastes, etc.

After finishing our lunch and chatting for a few hours, we decided to take a quick group photo.

A not so lolita day, for once. Apart from the birthday girl, who put together a super cute, casual sailor lolita outfit.

I figured I'd be cooler and more comfortable in what I was wearing but honestly, I ended up sweating a lot in the heat. it was only later in the day that I remembered I wore that same outfit in Paris last July during a heatwave, and felt hotter in it than I did in lolita! Why must I repeat my silly mistakes!?

I really liked the look Sammi went for on this day, and couldn't help taking a few candids of her wandering around. She reminded me of someone out of a period drama. I'm not sure which period but she looked quaint either way.

We ended up going around the shops for a little bit, including The Body Shop. We also stopped off in Paperchase, so I could finally purchase something from the Purr Maids collection! I was in the mood to treat myself to something cheerful, seeing as two days prior I did the seemingly impossible and passed my driving test! Learning to drive was one of the most stressful, soul-destroying things I've ever done, and it took me four attempts to pass the test. I've taken many exams in my life, some of them real stinkers that had me fretting and tossing and turning the night before. But passing my driving test has been, without question, the most difficult one of them all, given how many external factors can affect you in the forty-or-so minutes you're sat behind the wheel, rendering "revision" kind of pointless past a certain point. Last Thursday, however, everything seem to come together into one big bubble of good fortune. The roads were clear, visibility was perfect, the route I was instructed to navigate was beyond straightforward... really, it couldn't have been better! Thank goodness it's finally over!

I ended up going for this cup, which is so much fun. It has floating glitter, sea shells and flowers, along with lots of happy cat-mermaids. Everything about it inspires positive feelings and carefree thoughts. I am in love. 

We ended up going to the pub to nibble on some chips and have our usual ridiculous conversations. As the evening wore on, I suddenly had this urge for more McDonald's. We all ended up going back and getting ourselves Happy Meals to round off our day of pure unhealthiness. I blame the heat.

Are you experiencing a heatwave where you are? Things have actually cooled down significantly (the week of Hyper Japan had highs of 34°C!) but we've truly been having a proper summer! Do you ever find yourself having a day when all you want is crappy food? Bought any fun miscellaneous items recently? Any cool things happened to you this past week? Tell me of your lives in the comments! See you next time 


  1. Congratulations on passing the driving test! Now that you have it do you find yourself feeling the need to own a hip flask, just so that you don't suddenly get the driving-people-back-after-a-party duty dumped on you? (My family's been "threatening" me with that, which probably explains at least a part of why I haven't learnt :P)

    Things have cooled down so much up here in West Yorkshire that I'm actually urging my family to close the balcony door. Me, the chief balcony door opening person. It's probably just the shocking difference, but still. Though at least it makes wearing Lolita that little bit less sweaty/horrible. And I've seen that Purrmaids series! Oh gosh, I wanted all of it, but it was a bit dear for my inner Scrooge. :P Still want their calendar/planner things though, I might indulge if I don't find anything better for next academic year.

    And now that you've mentioned McDonald's... :P

    1. Thank you! Haha, I'm not much of a party person, currently don't drink, and me owning a car could be a long way off so thankfully, I've not had anybody expecting anything from me thus far XD I do think I will be lumbered with more family errands and obligations when it finally does happen, though!

      Things remain warm down south! I didn't have to put my fan on last night, though, as the temperatures are at a really pleasant level now. Can you believe I've never actually been up north before!?

      Haha it's such a cute series, isn't it? There's still so many other items I want from it, but like you said, it's a bit of an investment! I can definitely recommend Paperchase planners, though. I used to use their spiral-bound ones when I was at university, and now I have one of their personal organisers (Filofax style, minus the huge Filofax price tag).

      Oh dear, don't tell me you have the Maccy D's urge now! :P

    2. As long as you stay alert and don't let people surprise you, I'm sure you'll be fine with avoiding the designated driver duty when you don't feel like it.

      I'm hoping that things will warm up. It's not that it's actually cold, it's staying between 18-20 degrees, but it's cloudy (and started raining today), which makes it feel like cooler than it actually is. Come and visit! Leeds has a fun and welcoming comm, as well as great train connections with most of the UK. ^^

      I might splash a bit on it then, if you say the planners are worth it. I used to be fine with just a thin little calendar, but now that I work I've found myself running out of room for certain days on multiple occasions. Although I feel awful as I can't seem to stop spending money recently - though it helps that most of these are cheap things and/or good bargains.

      To be fair, I've had it for a while, I've only been keeping it under control. Let's see how long that lasts :P

    3. We had a lot of rain today! I now know what you mean about it seeming cooler than it really is. I ended up having to put a cardi on!
      I'd love to visit, but understandably, the 4 hour journey each way (not to mention the pricey train ticket) is less than appealing!

      They have loads in their sale at the moment, so now's a really good time to get one. They last ages, and are good value in the sense that you just have to replace the diary pages once a year (and it's so cheap to get hold of organiser refills, though you have to make sure you do it well in advance of the coming year as they do seem to sell out everywhere).
      If it's all useful stuff you're getting, and you're not putting yourself in a precarious financial situation for it, I see no reason to feel guilty!

      Shame my resolve isn't as strong as yours, haha!