Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Another Hilarious Cocktail Catch-Up

On Saturday 2nd April, I met up in Reading with my usual partners in crime, Sammi, Luna and James for an eagerly anticipated debriefing session on certain things happening in our lives!

Since the last time you saw me, I've had my hair box-braided. It's been really nice not having to think about what to do with my hair. Now I can just get up and go!
It had been really nice and sunny that week so I was in a springtime sort of mood. I opted for Meta's Gingham Cherry Ladder Lace jumperskirt, and a cute Baby cardigan with a hood and bunny ears! The hairbow is Sugar Trampoline, of course.

My soundtrack for getting ready that morning was Foxy Shazam's The Church of Rock and Roll. It was a fairly unusual Saturday morning because I went downstairs for my usual bowl of cereal only to be greeted by my mum telling me she was doing a fry up. I waited around for that, savoured it, and ended up making myself an A+ cup of loose leaf Earl Grey (probably the best cup of tea I've ever made. I actually needed a moment of silence). By this point I was running late.

After missing my bus, running back home for my petticoat (a first, and I'm still not sure how I forgot it-- why didn't the fact I had to pull my skirt out in the mirror picture indicate to me that something was missing!?), and a strange man who kept trying to make eye contact with me on the bus... I finally made it to the train station where my friends were waiting for me. After the briefest of discussions, we headed for the pub.

Since we had so many things to catch up on since our last day out, the hours we spent discussing everything simply flew by. While this happened, they all bought various lunches while I just had an Appletiser and some chips that Sammi didn't want as I was full from breakfast. Later on I indulged in a slice of chocolate fudge cake.
So good!

Before we knew it, it was 4pm. We decided to take some pictures before it got dark. I suggested this solely because I had lugged my Instax Wide along with me and wanted to get something for my troubles. On our way to the pub around midday, it had been sunny and quite warm, but now it was cloudy and starting to get rather chilly. We took a few awkward pictures on a bridge, and then managed to get a nice picture of us together on the riverside. We ended up all wearing fruit prints with a red theme going on. Completely unplanned, I might add!

It was coming up to five when we headed to the Slug and Lettuce, which was already surprisingly busy, and went in for drinks. It was a completely different experience to our last cocktail session in Oxford. This branch was much smaller and way more crowded, and initially seemed to be less private due to the lack of booths. However, we found that as it was so bustling and animated, nobody paid any attention to us at all. Pretty soon, we'd settled ourselves down to make the most of the 2-for-1 offer, and gotten our first round of daiquiris.

Mine and Sammi's were both sickly as the bartender had made them too syrupy. Undeterred, I had another one, this time made by a different guy who was really adorable, particularly when he made the drink levels really uneven and literally had to splash some of the drink from one glass into another to even them out. He seemed embarrassed and apologised but I said he needn't worry. He might have been bad at halving liquids but he made a really good strawberry daiquiri which made up for the overly sweet one I had before.

And, this is probably where I should have stopped. I should have gotten a bit of lunch at some point and just didn't, because I wasn't noticeably hungry. My first mistake. My second one was the third daiquiri which sent the room swaying while I talked enthusiastically about my love for Fall Out Boy and how I would be emo for life. Sammi could relate to this! It was around this time we stopped for a toilet break, and while we stood around, we ended up chatting to a couple of other people there who liked what we were wearing, and politely asked questions about it. They said "you're probably sick of people asking you this stuff!" and we said it was fine, as they'd at least approached us respectfully. We filled them in on the times where we'd had people take pictures of us and then walk away and they were hilariously shocked.
After the random friendly chats, we took some cheesy mirror pictures. I love the fact that the entire wall was mirrored! Also, those toilets were really nice.

Next came the third and final mistake: daiquiri number four. Oh, daiquiri number four. One minute I was engaged in the conversation, and the next minute I was resting my head on the table because I'd decided sitting properly was far too much effort. That's the thing about cocktails. They are so sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing, but utterly lethal. I figure a lot of lolitas are the same way.

Seemingly all of a sudden, it was 8 o'clock and my friends had places to go and people to see, so we called it a night, which was probably for the best, all things considered. I accompanied them to the station, where we couldn't help briefly marveling at how we were able to talk about anything with one another. I saw them off and finally, I took the bus home, where I ate fish fingers with baked beans, drank lots of water, and mulled over life until 3 am.

❤   ❤   

On Sunday morning, things felt very surreal. Did yesterday actually happen!? I couldn't help thinking to myself. Looking back on a whirlwind of a weekend is a fun thing.

Thank you for looking and reading as always! If you feel like it, do tell me about any fun things you've been up to lately, what your friends are like, which bands you're obsessed with... I don't really mind! See you next time 


  1. Your passage about the nice cup of tea has given me a great thing to do this morning on this rainy day.

    1. A decent cup of tea is always good for bad weather blues!

  2. If the photos were not confirmation enough, I can confirm that this did in fact happen! XD I had a really great time. I love how everything with our little group is so... chill. Also, the foodie function on your camera makes the fudge cake look even more amazing and I am now feeling very hungry!

    1. Thanks for vouching for me, haha!
      We are so chill it's a little ridiculous. I'm really excited for London :)
      That cake is so good. We should try to make our own version. I'm surprised we've not done any baking together yet, actually!

  3. To me, what you've just described is the ultimate in the "lolita lifestlye" - it sounds like you have a lot of fun with fiends in frills!

    1. Aw, I'm glad you think so! ^_^ That's precisely what I'm aiming for-- having as much fun as possible in the subculture that means so much to me, along with other like-minded people. It adds a lot of joy to my life!

  4. Days like these where one is able to spend quality time with friends and loose oneself in the blur of having fun always feel like they were weekends! I can totally relate to the feeling of "Did this really happen?" - it's just so nice that one forgets to worry entirely.

    1. I'm glad you can relate! It's wonderful, isn't it? I live for those magical, carefree experiences that leave you feeling energised and blessed <3