Saturday, 27 December 2014

Christmas Time!

Hey everyone! Things have been surprisingly hectic since my last post, but I really wanted to make sure I got in at least one more before the New Year.

Christmas was surprisingly positive this year. Last weekend I met up with my friends for a pre-Christmas get together which consisted of eating a lot of unhealthy food and being silly whilst watching various funny videos on Youtube! At one point, we did a present swap which I'll come back to later! We all went for simple cosy outfits, perfect for lounging about.
Luna looked lovely in what is actually a Primark dress! It works so well for a casual classic outfit! Sammi looked darling in her Angelic Pretty OP. I love the Coat of Arms print, and am tempted to try finding it myself!

Following on from Saturday, I was in a mad rush to finish my Christmas shopping in time. I always leave it until the last minute because I never know what to buy for my family (and they really don't help with their constant refrain of "um... I dunno"!) Still, motivate myself I did, and I got things sorted out in the end, with everything safely under the tree by Christmas Eve. This was the day I got the new Gothic & Lolita Bible in the post, and guess what? I'm in it!
Typically, they got our names the wrong way round, but oh well! We had been fretting over whether or not they would use our photo as we remembered feeling very squashed up and inelegant as it was being taken at Revelry in September. I'm so pleased they decided to use it in the end! This was my first time buying the Japanese GLB and I'm glad I did. I got some major inspiration from the street snaps and I might do a review on the issue in case anyone's interested!

Christmas Day turned out to be sunny and pleasant, and I decided to wear Meta's Sweet Cherry.

I'm wearing the OTKs that came with my Princess Wardrobe Dress Set. I needed to wear a suspender belt to hold them up! Do brand socks stay up on anyone?! If they do, I suspect these people are a lot shorter than me!

My favourite gift was a Husqvarna Huskylock S15 Overlocker, courtesy of my parents! I am so excited to finally be able to overlock/serge seams properly (I lead a thrilling life...) and this machine does just what I need it to do, whilst being very easy to use. Such a wonderful gift! I also got some lolita friendly items.

I ended up with so much legwear! Love it! My collection was always rather lacking as I generally stick to plain (read: boring) tights because I have a bit of a fear of OTK socks. They never stay up on me! I've just ordered a new suspender belt which will hopefully have long enough straps to sort this situation out once and for all! I was majorly impressed by the scarf, which was made by my friend Sammi. I'm going to keep pestering her until she opens a shop with all her fabulous creations!

I spent Boxing Day chilling out as it was one of those rare occasions when I had the house to myself all day. I also got to grips with my overlocker after an hour of trial and error. 

Today, I went out to buy some fabric for the bloomers I plan on stocking in my shop, and spent the evening doing some sewing. A productive day! Here's a preview of the type of bloomers I'm working on.
Simple and comfy! What more can you ask for?! I made that pair for myself and they are now my favourite bloomers to wear. If I like them that much, hopefully there will be other people out there who will, too! Fingers crossed! 

So, that was my Christmas! I suppose the next important event will be New Year, but I never celebrate that as such. I might make some resolutions, though.

I hope you enjoyed this post, even though it probably seemed rather fragmented and random! What did you all get up to over this past week or so? I'd love to hear about it! 

See you next time  


  1. Your outfits are very cute, especially Sweet Cherry!

    How can you be a Lolita for so many years and never bought a Bible? xD But I have to say I also have only a few and I got most of them for cheap or as a present, otherwise I wouldn't have bought them.

    I also love the red beret and leg warmers set, the big bow is a good idea to decorate a beret. I recently bought a pink beret and was looking for deco ideas ^^

    I also always have problems with OTKs, I usually use sock glue, but you have to glue them to your skin so I can't use it in winter when I wear tights under the OTK. I came to the point where I just don't wear those annoying socks in winter anymore xD. Instead I wear leg warmers because they don't slip and still look cute.

    I did nothing during Christmas, only eating and working xD

    1. Thank you so much!

      Haha, that's because I was always naughty and found the scans of the Bibles online XD For this reason there never seemed to be much point in buying them, coupled with the fact I can't read any Japanese! I do own most of the American Bibles though.

      I love customising berets-- only for other people though as I've found they don't suit me at all, sadly! They seem to look adorable on other people but I end up looking like a mushroom :P

      I love how your leg warmers look on you so that's something I've been meaning to try on cold days. It would surely be easier than fussing around with these uncontrollable OTKs!

      Aw, I hope you had some time to relax in between all that working! Also, the food is probably the best part of Christmas so I did a lot of eating as well XD

      Thanks for your lovely comment, dear <3

  2. Lucky! You got published in GLB! And you were published in the first one you bought! Treasure that magazine forever!

    1. Hehe I know! I was so happy and excited about it! I couldn't help showing my parents and they thought it was great, even if the picture is only tiny! I have the mook safely stored on my bookshelf and will always keep it! <3