Saturday, 16 August 2014

Cute Can Kill Necklace Review!

Last month when Cute Can Kill updated their storenvy I could not have been more excited! I made sure to be online at the time the updated shop would go live and I managed to nab just the necklace I had my eye on!

I went for the "sleepy kitty" necklace, complete with its own little bow, moon, and adorable plastic chain.

I didn't get a shipping add-on, but the non-tracked shipping from Italy to the UK only took about three weeks (I ordered on July 12th and received it on August 1st), which seemed pretty good to me. I was just glad to have it all in one piece! I'm pretty paranoid about untracked shipping but it simply slipped my mind in the panic of getting the necklace before it sold out!

I was really impressed by the packaging. How cute is all this?! The package was even perfumed!
I am in love with the pastel artwork on the business card. I adjusted the colours of this photo so that the amazing details were more visible.

Now, time to review the necklace!

It is made with a pearly white resin, and is completely solid to the touch. There are some very faint fingerprint marks on the surface of the kitty but they are not noticeable unless you're holding it right up to your face like I did! Its little yawning expression is so adorable! I definitely felt like I was being killed by the cute (and I mean that in the best way possible of course). I love its big fluffy bow!

The back of the kitty is completely smooth and has a glossy finish. The heart-shaped pendant bail used here is such a nice detail. The jump rings look a little sloppy but again, that's just being nit picky, and doesn't affect the look of the piece at all.

Part way up the chain is a little glittery moon! How sweet is that? I love anything moon-related as it is so this was the icing on the cake for me!

And here's the necklace worn! I love how it looks-- like the kitty has fallen asleep and the moon is up in the sky!

Overall, I am very pleased with my order. I would definitely recommend Cute Can Kill to anyone who likes pastel, 80s pop kei inspired accessories. 

I hope you enjoyed this review! See you next time 


  1. Another adorable review! You're so lucky to have gotten hold of cute a lovely piece of CCK jewellery~ ;u; <3