Thursday, 6 March 2014

An Anniversary Meetup!

On Sunday I went to a lolita meetup with the Oxfordshire Lolitas. We celebrated the comm's 3 year anniversary! I've been part of the comm for a little over a year now, and it was nice to sit back and relax in the festive scene and marvel at how these girls have become such important people in my life. It was a really lovely meetup for me and I remain very grateful that I was welcomed into the group. This is already getting very soppy but I am so glad I joined this comm and I am excited about hanging out with them lots more during 2014!

For this meetup I decided to wear an all Bodyline coordinate that I haven't worn in ages. The Lovely Poodle skirt is one of my all time favourite prints and no one will ever manage to convince me that the mirrored writing is anything but awesome.

I've really taken to using my kitchen as a backdrop for my photos, though I can't always be bothered to move the pink recycling bin out of the way which probably spoils the effect a bit! 

We held our meet at the Mitre, which is a pub we seem to frequent at meets. We had a little alcove all to ourselves, and it felt very much like a kid's party!
We pulled party poppers, played with helium-filled balloons, blew bubbles (I absolutely love bubbles! They are so calming) and ate the most gorgeous chocolate cake that our host, Michelle, made herself.

I love the choice of wording on the cake! I managed to nab the S slice of course! You can see the remnants of party poppers and presents on the table. Michelle wrapped cute little gifts of sweets, bubbles, pens, and candy bracelets for everyone!

In addition to the cute treats, we also had a raffle. I only managed to win one ticket, which meant I had less chances to get things, but I still ended up with something I really loved!
I have been eyeing this macaron necklace in Claire's for the longest time and for some reason never got round to buying it. But finally, I have it! I love that everyone chipped in and donated lots of cute loot to the raffle pile, which meant that everyone came away with items they liked. I love our raffles! I still have the accessories I won from last year's. They always end up coming in handy, but they're also a  reminder of the wonderful friends I've made.

And here's all of us together! ✿´・ᴗ・`✿  

The weather was truly dismal and we ended up having to take our photos in some random alleyway, much to our general amusement. But we didn't let that dampen our spirits, and posed for lots of great pictures together for the first time in what felt like ages. After this, we headed off to the shopping centre for an obligatory browse in Primark! A great end to a great day.

Thanks for checking out this post! And thanks to the Oxfordshire Lolitas for yet another wonderful meetup 


  1. Aww this post is so sweet! <3 I really enjoy seeing you at the Oxford meets :D

    1. Thank you <3 It's always a pleasure to see you, too :)

  2. Ahhh what a lovely looking event, and everybody looked beautiful!! <3

    1. It really was as warm and festive as it looks! Thanks a lot <3