Monday, 24 March 2014

A Springtime Meetup

On Saturday I hosted a meetup for the Berkshire lolitas! The last time I hosted a meet was in 2011 so I was really anxious about getting everything to run smoothly. This meet really couldn't have come quickly enough. After a disastrous term at uni, I needed a break and to hang out with my friends again.

The weather was mainly bright and sunny, though it was quite chilly whenever the wind blew! This didn't stop everyone from taking group and outfit pictures in the park, though. There were even ducks!

Everything was in bloom, which made for really gorgeous scenery.

Here's all of us! For some reason most of us ended up wearing darker colours even though it was such a lovely springtime day!

After spending a little while taking pictures, explaining the fashion to passers by, and even some girls requesting we do the YMCA for them (I didn't get this either), we headed off to Wagamamas for a hearty meal! There was a slight blip in with our reservation, though (read: they didn't properly reserve space for us) so for a while our group was split into two, while we waited for people at the other end of our table to finish their meal. Still, we were reunited in time to order our food. While we waited, I passed around a lolita quiz I'd made for everyone to complete! Then, the food came out pretty quickly.

I ordered the yaki udon. It was ok. I was pleased with the generous portion size but seeing as it was a chicken and prawn dish, it would have been nice to get more than ONE prawn in the entire thing!

I went into teacher mode and started pretending to be angry about people cheating on the quiz! Surely three people sat together couldn't all recite Btssb's longest name print completely accurately?!

I gradually corrected everyone's quizzes and added up the scores. Miles ahead of everyone else with 7½ out of 10 was Luna, who won the quiz and a little bow!

After our meal, some of us bought McFlurries from McDonald's (so rori) and then we went into the shopping centre to check out Claire's Accessories and have a general browse. Lots of people came up to talk to us and ask about our clothes that day, but the general response was very positive and polite-- the polar opposite of Oxford! 

We eventually made our way to Mr Chips, which as well as being a regular chippy, also sells bubble tea!

We all crowded into the tiny chip shop and a lot of us bought tea. I didn't this time, but I did sample other people's! I had to try the taro tea, which looked like blended up lavender! I thought it was ghastly, but a sip of someone else's strawberry tea soon solved that issue. Also, it turns out you can have juice balls instead of tapioca pearls? I wish I'd known this sooner! It's the tapioca that always ruined it for me, but the juice balls are much nicer and super refreshing.

Here's my coordinate for the day:
I decided to go for my Bodyline polka dot dress, which I only recently realised matched the Cloudberry Lady hair comb I won at Frock On last summer. I was pretty happy with this outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I had a really lovely day and I can't wait to have more meetups with my local comm! It feels so awesome to finally have a proper local comm that's literally right in my home town!

Thanks for looking, and feel free to comment! See you next time 


  1. What a fun looking meet, and you look so pretty in purple!!
    I hope I don't sound like a weirdo, but your blog is one that inspires me so much to stop being afraid and finally get to posting on my own blog! Keep being awesome and I look forward to reading more :)

    1. Aww, thank you so much!
      You don't sound like a weirdo at all. Your comment made me so happy and I am incredibly flattered! I hope one day soon you will finally take the plunge! I'm sure your blog would be excellent and inspire others in turn.
      Thanks again for such a sweet comment <3

  2. WOW, I --LOVE-- your use of color in your outfit, it looks great! Looks like you girls all had a fun time. :)

    1. Thanks a lot! I always find that jsk a bit hard to coordinate so I'm glad you like it!
      It really was a lovely meetup :3