A Chic Outfit and a New Hairstyle!

Ok, so occasionally, I can't be bothered to wear lolita. Instead I'll dress in something inspired by J-fashion, keeping it cute and comfortable, but definitely not boring! This post is going to be a quick, reflective style-related one about things I'm currently trying out.

On Thursday I took a trip into town to do a spot of shopping-- not for anything exciting, just bits and pieces I'd run out of.

I decided to go for my hi-low skirt from Miss Selfridge, which is comfortable yet has a romantic, chic feeling to it.
I'm not really sure what style you'd call this, but I like it anyway.

I like how my hair turned out, too. I tried this style last month at a very rainy lolita meetup so it was a mess as soon as I step outside my house. This time, the weather was much more forgiving. I recently dyed my hair jet black which makes it look a lot sleeker and shinier than it did when it was a dingy dark brown.

I usually struggle to find things to do with my unruly shoulder-length hair, so it often gets shoved into a bun so I can forget about it. I want to stop doing this though, because it doesn't really suit me much and makes me look a lot older than I am.

I think the box fringe in conjunction with strands at the sides (I guess they're kind of like a hime cut but a bit softer) looks really nice. I like that the majority of my hair is up, but there's still something there to create some interest and frame my face nicely. I think I'll stick to this as much as possible! I've also started experimenting with hair extensions (as seen in my Christmas post and first vlog), and I think they're definitely something I should make more use of from now on. I just seem to have the sort of face that needs a lot of hair around it! Not exactly a new revelation, but one I'm not going to be so lazy as to ignore from now on.

Well, I think that's about everything for today. What are your favourite casual hairstyles, and cute fashions for when there's no point getting super dressed up? I'm making a lot of effort at the moment to try and improve my general look, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for looking, and see you next time lovelies 


  1. I'm going through a transition with my hair where I have recently stop perming it. Because of this, I have to reacquaint myself with my natural hair texture and find new ways of styling it. I still want straighten hair, for the sake of manageability and preference, though. So, I have been training my naturally curly locks into the straight strands that I want and it has proven to be a rough path for me. On the subject of fringes and black hair, I have also muddled around with the idea myself. I just haven't been able to take the plunge, hahaha! The pressure of the shinny jet black hair, fringe wearing Gothic Lolitas models continue to tempt me, nevertheless.

    1. I would love to stop using chemicals in my hair but it's a bit daunting! I have no idea what I'd be dealing with as my hair's been relaxed since I was about 4. Still, it's a definite thought for the future. I'm sure my hair would thank me for it.

      The problem with having a fringe is that if it rains, it turns into a frizzy mess! This happens to me quite often, sadly, but I plough forward anyway in the quest for lolita-ness, lol. I'm wondering if using a holding spray would help with the situation. I know you can just buy fringes to clip into your hair so that's something to consider. You definitely don't need to have straight hair, though, or a fringe! So long as your hair is nicely styled or has some volume and accessories, it's bound to look good in lolita :)

      Thank you for your comment! ❤